Top five PC manufacturers fail naked PC test

Summary:A ZDNet special investigation into buying PCs without an operating system from the top five PC vendors uncovered a litany of conflicting advice and confused instructions

No refunds from Toshiba

Toshiba Tecra
Toshiba did not return our calls seeking to clarify its policy on naked PCs, and whether it would offer a refund on Windows software.

We had the following conversation with its customer call centre, which clarified that it would sell only PCs with Windows.

ZDNet: I just want a notebook without Windows. Can you supply me one without Windows?
Toshiba: I can't I'm afraid. It's always going to be pre-installed.

It's got to have Windows?

If I'm paying for Windows, can I get a refund on that? I'm not going to use it.
Obviously the Windows, it's sold at a certain price. The price is considerate of the fact it comes with the operating system pre-installed.

But I'm not going to use it. I'm going to turn down the licensing agreement for it.
Yeah. There's no way of sending the machine with different specs, I'm afraid.

OK, but can I get a refund from you for not using Windows?
Erm, no you wouldn't be able to, I'm afraid.

Right. So even though I'm not using it I've still got to take it and I can't get any money back?
I'm afraid we only sell the machines as they are.

OK, so it's take XP or Vista basically.
That's the case, I'm afraid.

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