Travel Tech Q&A: SonicWall's Sandeep Joshi

Summary:Sandeep Joshi is on the road so often that when ZDNet Australia asked him where he was based, he joked he practically lived in the Qantas lounge. Today, the Australia and New Zealand country manager for SonicWALL shares his travel experiences with us.

Sandeep Joshi is on the road so often that when ZDNet Australia asked him where he was based, he joked that he practically lived in the Qantas lounge. Today, the Australia and New Zealand country manager for SonicWall shares his travel experiences with us.

Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep Joshi
(Credit: SonicWall)

SonicWall provides network security and data protection products for businesses of all sizes. These include providing secure remote access, email security, backup and recovery, and policy and management.

What tech do you travel with and why?

I keep my smartphone and iPad close to hand when travelling so I can check emails and messages and keep up with work en route. My Bose noise-cancelling headphones are also a must — I will not travel without them! They are an absolutely amazing invention as they block out sounds of the aircraft, making for a more peaceful flight.

What tech do you love abroad, where and why?

I once came across a self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner in a Tokyo electronic supermarket. If cost wasn't prohibitive at the time, I would have brought one back to Sydney to my family. Apart from it being such a cool product, it would most definitely have made my domestic chores a breeze and would have earned me some brownie points from my family, too.

How do you deal with jet lag?

I go for 8-10km run — it's the best way to clear my head and refocus.

What is your one must-have piece of tech when travelling? What you never leave home without?

My smartphone — it's great for emailing, news and weather updates for when you land, and Skype. Keeping me connected with the rest of the world while I travel is why I wouldn't leave home without it.

What was your biggest travel disaster?

I was stranded on a Melbourne flight bound for Sydney for five-plus hours recently due to severe weather conditions. I didn't make it home till just before midnight, missing the dinner plans I had made with my wife for our 15th wedding anniversary. Thankfully, I'm still married!

Is there one thing you must do before you leave home?

Always, always check that my passport is with me.

Where is the best place you've been for duty-free tech shopping?

Shanghai is by far the best.

What tech do you expect in hotels when you are travelling?

Wireless broadband is a given. It's important to me to keep in touch while I'm away.

What is your dream travel tech to have on planes/in airports/at hotels?

I think e-immigration should be introduced. I just find it such a waste of time filling out those arrival and departure cards, if it was made online and accessible from the touchscreen of your on-board entertainment system it would make life a whole lot easier for everyone.

What is your favourite destination city to work/visit and why?

My favourite place to visit is Tokyo, Japan, everything just works there, simple and easy. I also go to New Zealand quite often on business and I find it such a beautiful country with great energy and so many friendly people — I never mind having to go back.

Name one thing you wish your iPod/phone/laptop could do that it doesn't do now?

An endless battery life would be a dream come true. Too often I find myself in the middle of something important when the battery low signals and there isn't a power point in sight.

Which airport would you prefer to be stranded at and why?

That's easy: Sydney. It means I'm close to home if my flight is delayed or cancelled. I also love the peace and quiet of the Qantas lounge there, it has so many facilities to keep me occupied while I wait for my flight.

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