Traveling abroad? No-worry data connectivity with MiFi rental

Summary:Globe trotters can attest to how hard it can be to get a data connection in many countries, especially at reasonable cost. It's now easy with a MiFi rental service that provides unlimited data in 39 countries.

Globe trotters can know too well how hard it can be to get a data connection in many countries, especially one that doesn't require a second mortgage on the house to pay for it. That's a thing of the past with a MiFi rental service from XCom Global. A daily fee gets you a MiFi and SIM cards for every country you are visiting complete with unlimited data connectivity. It's the only way to tour the world if you absolutely need to stay connected.

The beauty of the MiFi solution is it can get up to 5 devices online at the same time. It's literally as simple as hitting the power button on the unit and getting online in just a few seconds. The XCom Global solution is a reasonable $17.95 per day, which gets you a nice little travel kit that shows up on your door prior to your departure. The kit has the MiFi, international charger, and a SIM card for every country you are visiting on your trip. For an extra $3/day you can have a second MiFi battery included in the kit for extended mobile usage.

XCom Global offers the MiFi connectivity in dozens of countries, with all of the major destinations covered. The connectivity is a reasonable 3G speed and is unlimited everywhere you go. Horror stories about international data roaming charges are a thing of the past with this solution. The company also offers a USB modem solution for $14.95 per day, but this can only get one device online at a time, and only those with USB ports. The MiFi solution is more versatile as it can be used with smartphones, allowing for travel-related functions such as navigation.

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