Tuesday 9/07/2002At last! Strong, clear moral leadership from a powerful, spotless leader: President George W.

Tuesday 9/07/2002
At last! Strong, clear moral leadership from a powerful, spotless leader: President George W. Bush speaks out against corporate shenanigans. No more dodgy dealings, no more misreportings, no more "criminal fraud committed by corporate officers and directors." Once again, those doubting Thomases that claim Americans don't do irony stand dumbfounded. President Clinton is shortly expected to give an homage to family values and sexual continence, while Margaret Thatcher's moving plea for greater respect for the intellectual and cultural life of the country is eagerly awaited. Predictably, the stock market responds to Bush's new-found love for rigorous regulation by plunging beyond gloom into dismay I have heard it advanced that the current financial scandals are indeed Clinton's fault -- apparently it was the national mood of permissiveness he fostered by not behaving himself with his intern -- but not by anyone on this side of the Atlantic. In general, though, there seems to be an air that if you found yourself at the top of a large corporation at any time in the last ten years and failed to insert your proboscis as deep into the company's money artery as possible, you were culpably stupid. Perhaps it's just that the US press spent years of their lives investigating Clinton's alleged misdemeanours in Whitewater and found nothing, but there doesn't seem to be much spirit to haul Dubya over the coals for doing exactly what he claims is going to be a sin akin to baking your mother into an apple pie over a toasty flag furnace. Still, there's more. There's bound to be more. We haven't even started on Jeb, the brother in Florida.


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