Vacant diamonds promise room temperature qubits

Summary:Quantum computing at room temperature? Try nitrogen-doped diamond films.

Quantum computing at room temperature? Try nitrogen-doped diamond films. A team of researchers in China says it has made a significant step towards this holy grail with a "proof of principle" project investigating ways of entangling the so-called NV centres in the diamond film.

Still a long way from a quantum computer near you, diamond film is one of many materials that could one day be used for data storage and quantum calculations. The diamond is created with impurities of nitrogen which, along with a nearby vacancy - a hole in the crystal - are the NV centres. To run calculations, these NV centres must be coupled, or entangled.

The work of the team in China shows, in principle, how this could be done, and the team says it is ready to extend the idea to multiple operations.

An outline of the work will appear in the journal Applied Physics Letters.

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