Voice over IP: Security, stability, success

Summary:If you're thinking about voice over IP -- and sooner or later you'll have to -- we take a look at the steps involved in getting it set up and what's on offer from four major vendors.

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As far as we're concerned, PABX systems are dead, so you should learn to live with it. Start training your IT staff now on telephony conventions. Bandwidth is getting faster, cheaper, and the connecting infrastructure is improving. Normal telephone public copper cabling, switches, and exchanges will not become redundant for a long long time, but hybrid or gateway VoIP and their related enhancements are the way to go. Companies are going to have to make to move sooner or later, and those who adopt now can only surely benefit from the increased productivity gains and experience that they have with a VoIP solution.

It may take a while for the IT department to come to terms with the technology, especially if in the past they have not had to manage the company communications systems. However, given time it is relatively simple to learn, certainly no harder than adding a new piece of equipment or network attached appliance. Some vendors claim VoIP can seamless be integrated with your existing network cabling and infrastructure -- just plug in the gateway and the phones to your network and Bob's your uncle.

Ah the number of times we've heard that marketing hype in the IT industry...

I apologise in advance to all the over-worked company technicians and technical departments for having them lumped with learning and implementing another system to support, but once it is in place they will also benefit from its features, don't forget that you will have the ability to route voice messages just like e-mail messages so long live the technical query handball!

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