Want to see a baseball sliced like a tomato? (Video)

If you want to see what's inside a baseball, this one's for you.

If you want to see what's inside a baseball, this one's for you.

Tomography (from the ancient Greek word tomos, which means a cut part or slice, and the word graph, which means to write) is one of modern medicine's coolest tech tricks.

If you think you've never heard of it, you probably actually have. It's the T in the medical acronyms CT or CAT scan and PET scan, which are X-ray-based diagnostic procedures that provide visual representations of slices of the human body.

This funky, compelling video from GE artistically represents what we'd have to go through to section objects with real-world blades in order to get the kind of detailed information about what's inside that's provided by our medical imaging techniques.

According to the Analog Slices video, results from PET/CT scans for cancers are so good that further testing can often be avoided.

In my opinion, avoiding extra tests saves money, and getting to a diagnosis more quickly reduces pain and anxiety, and may save lives.

Did you have fun with the video? Let us know how you liked it, and share any cool tomography stories in the TalkBacks below.


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