Website creation: Dreamweaver v open source

Summary:Adobe's Dreamweaver is widely used by web developers, but it won't suit Linux users or those on tight budgets. Free and open-source (FOSS) alternatives are available, but how do they match up?

Dreamweaver & mobile apps
For mobile-specific projects, Dreamweaver incorporates jQuery Mobile (which is built on top of the jQuery JavaScript framework) for rapid design and development of a mobile interface.

New in CS6 is the further integration of jQuery Mobile Themes and Swatches. This feature greatly automates creating the appearance of a new mobile application. See the Adobe TV video Enhanced jQuery Mobile Support for more information.

Dreamweaver CS6 also integrates use of another subscription cloud service, the PhoneGap:Build framework to translate HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding into native code apps for iOS or Android devices. Completed native mobile apps can be downloaded from PhoneGap onto the user's local PC (Dreamweaver must be running on an Apple Mac to run iOS apps in emulation, while Java DK and Android SDK must be installed to run Android apps in emulation); alternatively, they can be loaded direct to a developer's mobile phone simply by pointing its camera at an on-screen QR Code.

Dreamweaver's PhoneGap:Build service panel with Emulate, QR Code and Download buttons

PhoneGap is an open-source Apache Software Foundation project and has a number of industry contributors including Microsoft. Its original creator, Nitobi, was acquired by Adobe in October 2011.

Opening a new jQuery Mobile/PhoneGap document in Dreamweaver

Starting a new mobile app

The new mobile app switched to Live View

The new mobile app with a theme applied from the swatches panel

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