What if you could just 3D-print a slice of pizza? NASA wants to know

Summary:NASA wants a prototype printer that can make a 3D edible pizza, kind of like a real-life food replicator.

Here at ZDNet Health, we’ve discussed some of the amazing potential uses of 3D-printing .  If you are interested in space travel, have watched way more than your share of Star Trek, and love pizza, new gadgets, and innovative uses of technology, this one’s for you.

NASA has given a grant to Systems & Materials Research Corporation to come up with a prototype printer that can make a 3D edible pizza, kind of like a real-life food replicator. Will it taste good? Will it be good for you? Who knows? But I’d sign up to try a slice just for the novelty factor. After all, how much worse could it be than the frozen stuff?

The crust will print and bake at the same time. Then powdered toppings and sauce will be mixed with water and oil, creating a space age pizza. Astronauts will be able to eat a favorite food when they can’t exactly order online or call for pizza delivery.

Anjan Contractor, the lead on the project, has aspirations of ending world hunger by combatting food shortages with long-shelf-life printable foods.

As a nurse, I can see the technology being used to help elderly people who can’t get out to the store to stay in their homes longer. 3D food printers might also come in really handy during the aftermath of disasters. There are all sorts of emergency management situations where they might help feed aid workers and people in need of help.

Watch this cool YouTube video for more information about the 3D pizza.

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