Winners and losers in the new cloud revolution

Summary:Cloud computing is becoming as important as water or electricity. But which companies stand to gain from this shift, and which will lose out? Read ZDNet's complete guide.

Cloud computing is turning into a true utility, as essential to any business as water or electricity.

This evolution is the result of massive investments by cloud companies, funded by businesses' increased reliance and spending on cloud services over their traditional, internal IT

Cloud computing is becoming as important as water or electricity. Which companies will gain and which will lose in this transition?

In this series, ZDNet's Jack Clark takes a look at how cloud computing services are becoming industrialised. Who are the winners and the losers? What are the prospects for companies wanting to get into the industry? And what needs to happen for cloud services to become a true utility?

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Winners in the cloud revolution

Some companies stand to benefit from the rise of the cloud and others stand to lose. Leaving aside the big cloud providers, such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, which are the companies that stand to benefit most from the changes to the IT ecosystem?

Losers in the cloud revolution

If some companies stand to benefit from the rise of the cloud, there are others who could lose out. ZDNet looks at the big names with the most to fear from the shift to the cloud.

IT's new battlegrounds in the cloud revolution

As the cloud market matures, effects of scale lock the industry into dependence on a few large companies. In this latest industrial revolution, new entrants will face a tough fight.

Cloud computing's utility future gets closer

Cloud computing is on a path to becoming a true utility — but what exactly is a utility and how closely does cloud fit that picture? ZDNet asked an industry expert to find out.

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