Women in tech: Why aren't there more?

In this BNET video from AlwaysOn's Stanford Summit, Accenture's Elizabeth Tinkham moderates an impressive panel of Silicon Valley female execs who not only explore the question but offer advice.

Watch as…..

Jasmine Kim, COO of Imagespan, explains that while there may not be as many women in pure technology jobs, more women are leading startups and guiding tech launches with product and marketing experience.

Marisa Mayer of Google, expresses concern that fewer women are graduating with Computer Science degrees than in 2000 while other engineering fields are up.

Polly Summer of Salesforce offer three great tips for female execs:

1-Get on the Revenue side of the house
2- Get P&L responsibility – go international or run a division
3- Take the hard and scary projects no one wants and find success with them.


This post was originally published on Smartplanet.com

Topics: Innovation


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