Wow! eBay's full of iPhone junk!

Summary:The iPhone launch is still a few days away but that doesn't stop eBay being flooded with iPhone related junk.

The iPhone launch is still a few days away but that doesn't stop eBay being flooded with iPhone related junk. 

At the low end of the price scale you have your "For iPod Video 30 60 80GB iPhone Zune AV TV 3.5mm Cable" (amazing how the seller managed to get the word "iPhone" into there) and silicone skin cover cases in every color in the 'bow (start your bidding at $0.01!).  Interspersed amongst the cables and the cases are opportunists selling a random selection of iPhone related and email addresses, with at least one seller claiming that the email addresses are "Apple Certified Domain!".

The higher end of the price spectrum is also taken up by a bunch of random (and seemingly pointless) iPhone related email addresses and domains.  Come on, I mean seriously, how much would you pay for a email address that contained the word "iPhone"?  Let's start the bidding at nothing on that one!  If you don't want to stand in line on Friday until 6 pm waiting for the iPhone you can also bid for a ‘stand in line for you’ service. 

I've found one enterprising seller (who has no feedback) who claims to have already bought "several" 8GB iPhones and is "selling the lot."  Interestingly they can provide a picture of the receipt and the iPhone but don't post these with the listing.  Excuse me if I'm a little skeptical…

Come next weekend I'm pretty sure that eBay will be flooded with even more iPhone junk like manuals and empty boxes.

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