Yes the iPhone is Coming to Verizon; Deal With It!

Summary:It is with great amusement I have been following the news that finally, OMG, the iPhone is coming to Verizon in the U.S.! I have to go on record stating it's much ado about nothing.

It is with great amusement I have been following the news that finally, OMG, the iPhone is coming to Verizon in the U.S.! As much fun as it is to watch the Internet crawling all over itself with excitement, I have to say that it's much ado about nothing.

Apple will continue selling lots of iPhones, even more with yet another outlet in the U.S. It's already selling them all over the world on many different carriers, and while Verizon is no little telco it's just another in the pot for Apple.

Verizon will continue selling lots of phones, even more with the iPhone on the shelf. It will also keep selling tons of Android phones, or Droids as those in the street refer to them. Big Red may get some AT&T customers defecting to a better perceived network, but life will go on for both AT&T and Verizon.

The addition of the iPhone to the Verizon network will not immediately bring it to its knees. Verizon can handle a lot of smartphones, and there is nothing special about the iPhone that kills mobile networks. It doesn't even make calls, if the Internet is to be believed.

I do think we might finally see the white iPhone that has hidden from view like a leprechaun, but even so it's just another phone in the marketplace. Just another color, for that matter. So stand down and take things in stride. If you want a Verizon iPhone, good for you. If not, don't fret, life goes on. It's just another gadget.

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