Asia finds security in open source

Asia finds security in open source

Summary: Security is the No. 1 reason why companies in the Asia-Pacific region are adopting open source software, according to the latest IDC study.


Better security protection tops the list of buying criteria for open source software, reveals a new study conducted on Australia, China, India and Korea.

According to IDC's latest study released Friday on open source trends and challenges, security was the top reason for deploying open source technology, followed by budget constraints and the availability of better management tools and utilities.

"The results indicate that organizations perceived open source technology as providing better security compared to proprietary products," said Prianka Srinivasan, a market analyst for IDC Asia-Pacific.

The study also concluded that more SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) were using open source compared to large businesses, while India and China seemed to be the bigger adopters of open source compared to Australia and Korea.

Although cost-efficiency remained a key decision factor, Srinivasan said, the results also suggested that organizations looked to primarily fulfill their requirements for specific functionalities.

The study also revealed a growing interest in the adoption of open source versions of "higher-end" software beyond the current infrastructure and database applications.

According to Srinivasan, survey respondents showed an interest in open source versions of CRM (customer relationship management) and BPM (business performance management) tools. This, she said, suggested that "organizations will increasingly incorporate open source technology in more mission-critical applications".

The analyst firm also advised commercial vendors of open source software to focus on support services and ensure interoperability between their products and others in the market, so as to take advantage of the growing market.

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  • While FOSS has a good track record regarding security, there is no silver bullet. If companies are serious, they need to assign the responsibility of data security to someone. Several surveys in the US indicate that as many as 80% of companies have no one even thinking about a security policy, much less implementing it.

    Later . . . Jim

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  • It's true that Open Source CRM solution is gaining momentum due to its cost effectiveness and freedom in customisations.

    check out SugarCRM.