Asian startups connect at CommunicAsia

Asian startups connect at CommunicAsia

Summary: Sharing exhibition floor space with large companies at this year's ICT tradeshow, Asian tech startups say they hope to take opportunity to build brand and product awareness, forge business contacts, and gather user feedback.


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  • On display are earlier prototype designs for Atra, as the finalized one is currently in production and will go on sale first in Korea next month. It has eight knobs, one slider, and two LCD touchscreens.

    Kim said the word "atra" means black color in Latin and symbolizes the clubbing culture of which disc jockeys are a big part. The price of the device is still being finalized and will likely cost between US$499 and US$599, so CommunicAsia provides an opportunity for the company to gauge user response, he added.

  • Natjira Honda, general manager and founder of PromptNow, said he traveled to CommunicAsia from Thailand to find potential partners and investors for the company's online and mobile games business.

    The mobile app development company was established in 2003, and later become a subsidiary of Thai IT services company, MFEC, which acquired it in 2004. Besides apps for banking, insurance and healthcare, PromptNow in 2010 created a mobile game based on a Thai movie called King Nareusan, and has since released versions for the Web and Facebook this year.

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