Asus Eee gets upgrade and Windows

Asus Eee gets upgrade and Windows

Summary: The popular, low-cost sub-notebook gets enhanced specs and an operating system refresh

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • The Eee 900 will come with Windows XP as an option — at an extra cost of course, due to the licence. The operating system will benefit from the enhanced resolution of the upgrade Eee, at 1,024x600 pixels rather than 800x480 pixels. The older Eee 701 will also be made available in Europe with Windows XP. Both will go on sale in April.

  • The Eee 900 will also come in a Linux flavour, at €399, which equates to £305 although the UK price has not yet been confirmed. The Windows version will be pricier, although it is not yet known by how much.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Not very subtle

    Eee really does stand for 'Embrace', 'Extend', 'Extinguish'. Here's my rather conspiratorial (and perhaps half baked) view on things:

    Embrace - get Xandros, Suse etc. to sign-up to your patent protection racket. The result is Winux.

    Extend - promise not to sue upstream 'community' Open Source developers for patent infringement and work with your new patent-buddies to enhance Winux's interoperability with Windows.

    Extinguish - sue the ass off downstream distributions who don't play ball (e.g. Red Hat) claiming they're using code which infringes your 'intellectual property'.

    Of course it's 'only business' but it's also an attack on free speech.