Asus to ship 60 percent of Eee PCs with Windows XP

Asus to ship 60 percent of Eee PCs with Windows XP

Summary: The company has said it will now ship almost two-thirds of its low-cost PCs with Microsoft's OS installed, to meet customer demand


Asus has said that around 60 percent of its Eee PCs shipped this year will come with Windows XP pre-installed, according to reports.

The Taiwanese manufacturer announced last week that it would be putting Microsoft's operating system on its highly successful budget subnotebooks over the coming months.

The existing Eee 701 model has until now come only with Xandros Linux in Western markets. The 701 will shortly be available with Windows as an option, and the next model — the more highly specified 900 — will also come with both options, with the Windows version likely to cost slightly more, due to Microsoft's commercial licence.

On Thursday, Reuters quoted Asus chairman Jonney Shih as saying: "About 60 percent of [Eee PCs] will have the Windows XP operating system." This tallies with the words of Asus chief executive Jerry Shen, who said in a recent interview that "most [customers] are demanding a form of Windows, but others appreciate... Linux".

According to Shih, Asus is sticking with its target of shipping five million units this year, compared with the 300,000 units sold last year. Sales of the Eee have been strongest in Europe.

Reuters quoted Microsoft Taiwan president Davis Tsai as saying the implementation of Windows XP on low-cost computers like the Eee would help Microsoft "get into the next, 10 billion consumer market".

JPMorgan analyst Alvin Kwock was quoted as saying: "A Windows Eee PC is more attractive to buyers because people are just not used to using Linux-based computers."

However, an Asus spokesperson told on Monday: "We feel Linux has an advantage over something like Windows XP. The only knowledge that it requires is perhaps the knowledge of a mobile interface."

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  • A little arm-twisting perhaps?

    Seems Microsoft are none too happy at the *runaway* success of the Linux-based Eee.

    Despite the fact it has sold out everywhere, there is *massive* demand for it, and consumers *love* the hassle-free, virus-free, zombie-free and sexy-looking Linux OS, we have the remarkable assertion that a Windows XP version will magically get to 60% of it's sales by the end of the year. They even added someone from JP Morgan to make an assertion completely belied by the success of the Eee that nobody wants it with Linux.


    No, it's the same-old, same-old Mafioso techniques that comprise Microsoft's main hold on it's slowly imploding monopoly.

    Asus got the call from a high-placed and distinctly unhappy member of the Microsoft 'family' reminding them that "nasty things happen" to people who don't take their... er, protection.

    Voila, PR puff piece asserting that all is well in Windows-monopoly-land...

    Let's stick with the facts. Linux on this new generation of devices is a *massive* success. Vista is a failiure. Microsoft have seen the writing on the wall, and they are *terrified*.

    End of story.
  • Where's the evidence?

    Where is the evidence that 60% of the Eees sold this year will ship with Windows XP?

    The comment from the JP Morgan analyst is disingenuous given that everyone raves about how easy the Linux Eee is to use and *they've been selling like hotcakes*.

    Put simply, what is the compelling reason to pay ~$200 extra for an Eee with Windows XP?

    A Windows Eee won't come with any useful applications and you'll have to buy anti-virus software to boot.

    The truth about low cost computing is that nobody really cares whether the machine is running Windows or Linux as long as its cheap, its easy to use and it works.

    Which, come to think of it, is why this article doesn't make any sense at all, on any level.
  • Eee PC lnux OS is childs play

    The linux OS on the Eee is so easy to use i cant understand why they have decided to go with windows. Maybe it is Mafioso style of business. But Asus shouldn't be scared of Microsoft, they have so much of the Market on PC hardware who cares if Microsoft are losing sleep.
    They should be tweaking their OS further to establish any extra end users require. Btw i love my Eee
  • All good points - hang on a mo...

    ... Reviewing the story we've had up on the site until now, we're about to put up an in-house version of the story. Good points have been made by you folks, and the piece does require rejigging. The new version should be up in a short while...
    David Meyer
  • Eee / Linux v Eee / xp

    I'm new to linux and very interested in an Eee. The thing holding me back is the linux (2.0.4 I think) equiv of an Outlook PIM ie calendar and contacts which I would want to sync with my xp desktop and smartphone. Tell me the solution and I'm a convert.