Asus unwraps quad-core PadFone Infinity

Asus unwraps quad-core PadFone Infinity

Summary: ASUS has revealed the PadFone Infinity, a quad-core smartphone that will dock with a station to become a 10.1-inch tablet, that will ship in the second quarter of this year.

Asus PadFone Infinity
Asus PadFone Infinity. Photo: Asus

Asus has announced a new quad-core smartphone that comes with docking station that turns it into a tablet.

The five-inch PadFone Infinity will run Android 4.2 and features a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and 64GB of storage, ASUS revealed at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona on Monday. It can connect via 100Mbps LTE and 42Mbps DC-HSPA+.

The phone can be docked with a station to turn it into 10.1-inch tablet. The PadFone can be used for 19 hours of talk time over 3G before needing to be charged and up to 40 hours when docked with its station.

It includes a 13-megapixel camera that Asus claims is able to operate with no shutter lag. A dedicated image signal-processor enhances low-light image quality and enables the PadFone to capture up to 100 sequential photos at 8 frames per second, while simultaneously recording 1080p video. The Infinity can also output 1080p video via its micro-USB compatible MyDP interface.

The phone will be available in Taiwan from April and selected other countries from the second quarter of this year. The combined price of the PadFone Infinity and its docking station is €999. Pricing and availability will vary by country.

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  • Now to put Ubuntu's Phone OS on one of these

    Add a monitor and a keyboard and I'll have three devices in one :-)
    • Actually, I just need a good stand for the tablet

      No separate monitor necessary :-)
      • That is an excellent idea

        But I have to wonder if the larger screen will work with "not Android" :P
        Michael Alan Goff
  • hmmm

    A hybrid...looks like a good idea on paper...maybe not so much in real life..two devices,one of which is a doorstop without the other...and at only 999....hmmm, with a little shopping around..can probably pick up cellphone and.a decent.enough tablet
  • It sucks

    Its overpriced for what you get. Thats 1200, or the cost on an iPad and an iPhone. Its 400-500 overpriced for what you get. Or its the cost of a Transformer with docking station and a smartphone.