Asus VivoBook U38N laptop is AMD's latest attempt to combat Intel-based Ultrabooks

Asus VivoBook U38N laptop is AMD's latest attempt to combat Intel-based Ultrabooks

Summary: The 13.3-inch notebook weighs 3.42 pounds and includes AMD's A8-4555M Trinity quad-core processor and a full HD touchscreen.

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AMD may be going through what seems like continuous turmoil, but that hasn't kept it from trying to compete with Intel wherever it can. That includes in the world of ultra-thin laptops, where the Ultrabook platform has struggled to catch on with large portions of the notebook market.

AMD's latest salvo against its rival's Ultrabooks is the Asus VivoBook U38N, which has cleared the FCC and should hit these shores officially soon. It features all of the hallmarks of an Ultrabook -- lightweight (3.42 pounds) and super-slim (0.73 inches thick) with a hybrid storage solution (128GB solid state drive and 500GB hard drive) -- but includes an AMD A8-4555M quad-core processor instead of having Intel inside.

The 13.3-inch IPS screen packs 1,980x1,080 full HD resolution with touchscreen capabilities to take advantage of Windows 8's multitouch features. It will also ship with 4GB of RAM and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio technology built in. 

One other thing the U38N may have in common with its Ultrabook competition is a high price. It is listed on Amazon's German site with a price tag over 800 euros, which comes to a little more than $1,000. Presumably you're paying a full premium for having a quad-core processor in such a lightweight package, but it won't do much for mainstream buyers used to paying closer to $500 for a new laptop.

Topic: Laptops

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  • i like it

    but don't need it :(
  • I am waiting for a "Surface Pro" like

    Tab that comes with AMD APU instead of Intel Cores.... I just like better graphics over per-core performance...
  • Could be a winner.

    Slightly better graphics than my Asus Zenbook UX31, and a touchscreen !! But why a 500g harddrive? Why not a 256SSD?
    To me, that´s an obvious error. Windows 7 was a disaster on my Zen, so I switched to Ubuntu 12.04, works great now. But Win8? Fallout has started, looks like a looming disaster. Ah, but touchscreen!
  • Nice, but...

    I'd rather see someone release something in an Ultrabook form factor with an AMD E-450, strip out the touch screen and higher end speakers, throw in a 128 GB SSD and get the price down. The E-450 is a surprisingly decent processor at a bargain price and more than adequate for basic computing. Sure, it may not measure up for gaming, but it's more than fine for what the average user needs. Put it in an Ultrabook form factor, and I'll gladly pay a bit more than those budget laptops selling for $300-450 for the added portability, instant on, battery life, but not $500 plus more. The form factor (with an SSD) is attractive, but if I'm paying that much, I'll just buy an MBA, and as many ultrabook OEMs have found, so will allot of other users.