AT&T, Fon sign global Wi-Fi roaming agreement

AT&T, Fon sign global Wi-Fi roaming agreement

Summary: AT&T and Fon have announced a partnership to help their customers avoid stiff roaming costs while traveling the globe.

TOPICS: Mobility, AT&T, Wi-Fi

AT&T and Fon have signed a global Wi-Fi agreement which will improve access across U.S. and international Wi-Fi networks.


In a press release, the firms said AT&T customers traveling abroad now have access to hundreds of thousands of Fon international hotspots, and in turn, Fon network members will gain access to AT&T's Wi-Fi network.

AT&T, one of the largest U.S. carriers, has over 30,000 hotspots in public areas including hotels, restaurants and retailers in the United States.

The agreement covered smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi connected devices, and is likely to appeal to customers who have to travel often and wish to avoid high roaming charges.

"Our agreement with Fon further expands our international Wi-Fi footprint making it easier for AT&T customers to stay connected to what matters most during their travels abroad," said JR Wilson, Vice President, Partnerships and Alliances of AT&T Mobility.

Earlier this month, the U.S. carrier purchased spectrum from rival firm Verizon. For $1.9 billion in cash, AT&T was granted 39 spectrum licenses, located in the 700 MHz band, which covers 42 million people across 18 U.S. states.

According to AT&T, the firm has 95.5 million subscribers.

Topics: Mobility, AT&T, Wi-Fi

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  • Leading Provider

    This should improve WiFi services. AT&T is a leading provider of services in IT industry. As of May 2013, it is 21st largest company in world by market value. It had revenues of $127.434 billion in 2012. This shows that the company is strong in finances and will be able to match the challenge of WiFi market. It is second largest mobile operator in US; so, its strong mobile base should help WiFi network.