AT&T lowers price of one and two line accounts, competitive with prepaid options

AT&T lowers price of one and two line accounts, competitive with prepaid options

Summary: AT&T dropped their single line price by $15 per month and the US wireless carrier competition continues. These lower prices come with LTE and more so they are starting to get very competitive with low-cost prepaid options.


US wireless customers are seeing lots of benefits from T-Mobile’s aggressive and innovative programs, as most recently shown by AT&T today. Yesterday, T-Mobile offered double their free LTE data allotment and today we see AT&T lowering their prices for one and two smartphone line accounts.

AT&T lowers price of one and two line accounts, competitive with prepaid options
(Image: AT&T)

While I have been with T-Mobile for over 10 years and have five phones with them for a very low price, I like to have a second individual account with another carrier for phone reviews. I have been considering a Verizon line, but $100 is a lot to swallow for a review phone. AT&T dropped their single line account, with 2 GB of data, $15 down to $65 per month. This rivals prepaid options, but gives you full LTE, good customer service, and relief from nasty notices if you need to exceed 2 GB in a month.

While the most successful smartphone launches roll out phones across all carriers, there are still exclusives on some phones. AT&T always seems to get the latest and greatest smartphones first so after we see the HTC One announcement I may go add an AT&T line.

One other thing I love about this new lower pricing strategy is that you can bring your own phone and sign up without a contract. Like T-Mobile, AT&T also offers unlimited talk and text, including text messaging from the US to countries around the world. You can add a tablet account for $10 per month too.

In addition to the $65 single line plan, you also add a second line for a total of $90 per month with 2 GB of data shared between the accounts. These new plans come with 50GB of cloud storage too.

You can sign up for one of these new plans starting tomorrow, 9 March.

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  • Maybe this will be a harbinger of more competition.

    The big carriers have been raking users over the coals for quite some time. It is
    refreshing to see a little lowering of monthly rates...shucks, I might even consider
    a smartphone one of these days!
  • Very sad to think $65/month is a good deal from a carrier

    $30 for unlimited 500min, unlimited txt, and, unlimited data + tethering is right about where fair is. $25/line for any more than one.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Disagree

      I've had a cell phone now for over a decade and had smart phone for 3 years. I've had TMobile and Sprint. I think $30/mo for 500 min, unlimited text, unlimited data+tethering is hardly fair and I don't even have much money to spend. I think that price is ridiculous. Sure, it would be nice if I could have a brand new BMW Z4 for $15k as well, unfortunately that's just not a reality.

      Currently I spend $60/mo for unlimited talk/text/data. I also get free unlimited roaming overseas and I know I'm getting a deal. There isn't anyone out there who can give me a better overall service than TMobile at the moment and that's including local coverage as well as customer support.
  • Never back to ATT

    I will never go back to ATT. I was paying $120 for just one phone(not unlimited), With T-mobile I almost got 3 lines for the same price with unlimited internet. The only reason ATT is lowering their prices is because of T-Mobile. ATT will knife you in the back, as soon as they can.
  • does anybody trust att anymore ?? if so, why?

    at&t always has a trick up its sleeve. whatever so-called deals they are offering now are only temporary and they will make back (and more) whatever the deal cost them.

    for att, it is all a big game of bait and switch, nickel and diming, shake you down by the cuffs of your pants, et al., and use the undermining of your credit as black mail.
  • agree with the general sentiment

    Hardly a great deal..T-Mo has been offering unlimited with 2.5GB for $50, for a long time.

    Besides those who must have a subsidized phone, prepaid makes the most sense. Forget the latest and greatest phone, you can have a great one for ~$200 such as the Nexus 4 and hook it up on a T-Mo or AT&T prepaid reseller.

    I use this index for prepaid carriers and plans, organized by network.
    Peter Tester