AT&T Moto X Review: Finally makes Android specs irrelevant

AT&T Moto X Review: Finally makes Android specs irrelevant

Summary: The Moto X is a solid Android smartphone priced a bit high, but helping bring voice control to the masses.


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  • 8 out of 10...

    but the other reviewer gave the Lumia 520 a 7 out of 10. Features/performance to price comparison, based on this review, should have the Lumia 520 at 12 out of 10. I guess when actually using reviews to help a buyer make a purchase decision, it is best to stick with the same reviewer.
  • We SHOULD talk about specs

    The specs don't matter crowd want to ignore specs because they have an inferior product priced HIGH. The iPhone does not even have an HD display, only 640p. 720p is the minimum for HD resolution, while 1080p is full HD. Top tier Androids have had 720p since 2011 and now in 2013 entry level is 1080p. iPhone is still stuck at 640p.

    Don't confuse pixel density with resolution. 720p is the minimum to be legally called "HD resolution".

    Same with CPUs. Last year's quad core CPU international Galaxy S3 beat the iPhone 5 dual core CPU in all benchmark tests.

    Apple made the decision to go non-HD and slower CPU to lower costs and still charge higher prices to cheat their customers. Of course they don't want you to talk about specs!
    • Moto X is mid-range phone

      In the same vein, within the same 7-day period the 5.2" 1080p LG G2 with quad core Snapdragon 800 was announced, so was the 4.7" 720p Moto X with dual core CPU. The Snapdragon 800 BEATS anything on the market right now, and Motorola has access to the same resources LG does. So, the Moto X could also have had top tier specs, not mid-range specs. Oh, but it has pretty colored cases! Wow.

      There was so much hype with the Moto X but it's not a 2013 top tier Android phone, even though it's priced like one. If the Moto X had been released last year or even six months ago, it would have gotten a lot more respect. But in the 2nd half of 2013, the LG G2 presents a very high bar.
    • Motorola Moto X - high video & photo quality

      I agree with Chazz: the Motorola Moto X is definitely better than iPhone 5 when it comes to video/photo quality and display. The video recording quality of Motorola Moto X twice as good, the resolution is higher and the number of megapixels is also slightly higher.
      There´s a detailed comparison here:
    • iPhone Obession?

      The review is about the Moto X and how it functions, not a comparison to the iPhone. Yes Apple products tend to be spec'd conservatively, so what? They work nicely and to your childish outrage, people buy a lot of them. IOS is not my cup of tea but who cares Apple did not ask for my input, nor did Google for that matter.
      • I replied to the article

        You can't read? The author mentions iPhone TWICE in the article, talking about specs. Read before you reply.
        • "author mentions iPhone TWICE"

          There are 1,216 words in the article and iPhone is mentioned 2x. WOW. Can't imagine what you're reaction would have been if iPhone had been mentioned say ... FOUR times.
  • "... helping bring voice control to the masses."

    How wonderful...NOT!

    As if listening to the inane conversations of people in public spaces such as restaurants, businesses, schools, public transportation, etc., etc., who are too inconsiderate...or too stupid...keep their voices down isn't annoying we get the added "feature" of having these mouth-breathers talk to their phone to have it do anything?

    I can't wait.
  • Build quality?

    Cheap plastic case? Aluminum? Durability?
  • atleast Nokia is getting recogonized!

    Thanks for shooting the Lumia 1020, and other Lumias a compliment there.
  • I love Moto..But sorry, after 3 the affair is over

    It's enough pain they aren't going to update Droid 4 with another qwerty phone, and nobody else makes a decent slideout qwerty that being even...Why has Motorola decided to leave MicroSD slots and HDMI connectors off their new round of phones? This seems to be a trend among manufacturers, maybe cutting costs, or following Apple in upselling an additional 16GB of memory for $100 instead of a $20 card. It makes me sad...Its also going to make me a Galaxy S4 buyer. I was excited about the Droid Ultra and Maxx, I really was.
  • The Elephant in the Room

    Most Moto X reviews make a big deal about the customization of the phone. However, not much, is anything is said about the fact that customization is only available on AT&T, a carrier that is consistently listed last as far as user satisfaction is concerned. I think this was a gigantic marketing mistake by Google/Motorola. AT&T must have forked over big $$$ to get the exclusive. Great (in the short-run) for Motorola, but that will prevent me from even considering the Moto X.
  • HTC One or MotoX

    Which one do you recommend. i am looking at handset which is good at taking photos, browsing, navigation (as i travel a lot), battery life and ofcourse a good phone

    • HTC One or MotoX

      I have an LG Optimus G. Except for maybe the battery, recommend LG. IMHO
      Jimmy Jackson