AT&T Nokia Lumia 635: Easy to recommend for just $100

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635: Easy to recommend for just $100

Summary: US carriers continue to offer low cost, no-contract phones, disrupting the subsidized model they have long relied upon to sell $650+ Apple iPhones.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 is easy to recommend for just $100
(Image: AT&T)

Modern smartphones today have a full price of $129 (Moto E) up to $850 (64GB Apple iPhone 5S). If you want to spend just $100, then the Nokia Lumia 635 should be near the top of your list as it offers much more than $100 worth of value.

ZDNet's Jo Best posted her thoughts on the 635 for the UK market, and the AT&T GoPhone model offers the same capabilities and functionality. The US carrier market is still primarily focused on the subsidized phone model, but you are being fooled if you think new smartphones from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, and others only cost you $199. T-Mobile started the trend and now others are starting to offer full price, no-contract smartphones so that consumers see the real price of devices.

$100 for a smartphone with no contract required is a fantastic deal. The Nokia Lumia 635 is locked to AT&T, but you are in complete control of your service plan.

With Cortana, HERE Maps, and free Skydrive storage it is pretty easy to quickly justify the $100 price. Not to mention that you get a fully functional smartphone with access to hundreds of thousands of apps, cool customizability, and easy multiple account synchronization. The Lumia 635 makes a great backup phone for those who also might purchase a high end expensive smartphone.

Like Jo mentioned, the camera isn't great, the display is just OK, and there are still some app gaps. Windows Phone is very responsive, you can expand the storage memory up to 128GB with a microSD card, and the loaded Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is fantastic.

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  • So long as Microsoft are happy to give them away ...

    ... or sell them at a loss, anyway ...

    They should do very well and good luck to them.

    But I doubt they can keep this up forever; it's an expensive way to buy market share.

    If they are genuinely 'converting' people, who will stay with them later without the subsidy, then it might pay off. But it's a long shot, and long time before they'll see the benefit.
    • Carrier subsidies

      It's carrier subsidized the same as it's always been. It's no contract but still carrier locked for a certain amount of active time. 40 days on T-Mobile.
      Buster Friendly
      • No such thing as carrier subsidy

        It's included in the price.
        Alan Smithie
    • Windows Phone is on track to be profitable by 2015

      according to Microsoft.
      • Maybe they are a bit biased

        But I think it's reasonable - the layoffs will have an important role for sure.
  • My 635

    is a great phone for the $$. It does everything I need and does it well. Everyone I've shown it to has been impressed. And BTW it is NOT subsidized. Thumbs up here.
  • not so great

    even a $20 refurbished android can do more than any windoze phone.
    LlNUX Geek
    • you're right

      windoze phones can't lag like and an android can
    • You're trying too hard.

      Go eat a banana.
    • i had a lagdroid

      bane of the phone world, nothing like that nice 4 hour battery life for minimal use after I uninstalled all the apps I could, except of course the crappy scroogle apps they won't let you uninstall. Keep trolling linsux greek.
  • No flash

    I almost bought one of these to try out, but then realized that there's one major sticking point which immediately makes it useless to me as a primary phone.

    There's no flash.

    I don't care about the flash so much for picture-taking, although every now and then it helps when the light in a server room, wiring closet or office is bad and I need to get a good picture from a funny angle to pull a serial number or the like.

    I care that it means I can't use it as a flashlight. I use the flashlight app on my (third now) phone quite extensively, much of the time at work. This one basic "convenience" feature means I'd either have to carry (and keep fed) another device or not use this phone, sad to say it means I don't get to use a promising phone to evaluate WP8. My phone is a tool, and there are just a few basic functions I can't really live without on it. I could even live without G+ and hangouts, maybe. Some day...