AT&T offers up to $450 in offers for T-Mobile switchers

AT&T offers up to $450 in offers for T-Mobile switchers

Summary: T-Mobile continues to shake up the US wireless space with AT&T preempting their rumor they might start offering to pay ETFs to switchers.

AT&T offers up to $450 in offers for T-Mobile switchers

There are rumors that T-Mobile may make a CES announcement next week offering to pay ETFs to get you to switch to them. In what appears to be a preemptive strike, AT&T announced they are offering up to $450 in offers per line to T-Mobile customers to switch to AT&T.

The $450 offer comes in the form of a $250 promotional card for AT&T products and services and another $200 if you choose AT&T's double-dipping Next service, buy a device at full retail price, or activate a device you own.

The offer seems to be of value at first, but I only pay $130 a month for five phones on T-Mobile and for about the same level of service it would cost me at least $195 per month (assuming the lower cost no annual contract option). For those like me who get solid T-Mobile coverage, there is no savings in switching to AT&T.

It's great to see T-Mobile shaking up the US wireless space and forcing other carriers to start thinking outside the box. If you are not satisfied with T-Mobile's coverage and service, then this could be the catalyst you need to switch to AT&T.

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  • T-Mobile has shaken up mobile providers ...

    best thing to have happened to Mobile in the U.S. is for the Government to have blocked the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. Competition is good for the consumer. Making people who want frequent upgrades pay directly for those upgrades helps keep cost down for those of us who don't need to upgrade too frequently. This is the way things have been in Europe for quite some time and they way they should have been in U.S.
    • AT&T wont have my business ever again

      I had them back in 2004 and 2005 and will never personally use their services again. Their billing is horrendous and getting through to a customer care rep is impossible. Oh yeah, it can only happen in very limited time frames. Back then, it was 9am-5pm. So could never reach them outside work hours.

      AT&T can't offer me any incentive to consider them an option ever again. I wonder how many feel like I do, though its certain a lot of people do.
  • Perhaps AT&T could take a page from T-Mobiles book and...

    ...offer competitive, no contract plans.
    • Death sentece to iPhone

      Just imagine if iPhone users would have to pay the full price for the phone. iPhone would become #3 in couple of years.
      • iPhones are getting ready to become #3 anyway,

        and they're almost number 4 in all of Europe, with WP already number 2 in a few countries in Europe and moving up quickly. The next step for WP is to overtake iPhones in all of Europe and move up in the U.S. and S. America and in Asia.

        However, iPhones will remain cash cows for Apple in the same way luxury autos are cash cows for their makers.
  • no way

    I'm on t-mobile, 5 phones, $130/month. Switching to AT&T would double that.
  • i'm glad t-mobile is shaking up the duopoly

    i hope they announce that they will provide something like this to switch from any carrier. I'd sure like to cut down my wireless bill (currently through VZW), but i don't want to pay the ETF's on 4 lines.
  • Assuming that this is the case, I

    After AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile, they conceded some wireless spectrum and $3 billion.

    If T-Mobile starts doing this, they will be buying AT&T's customers, from AT&T, with AT&T's own money.

    • correction

      ...AT&T's FAILED acquisition of T-Mobile.