Apple drops 'app store' lawsuit against Amazon

Apple drops 'app store' lawsuit against Amazon

Summary: The two-year lawsuit against Amazon's use of the term 'app store' has come to an end.

TOPICS: Apple, Amazon, Apps, Legal

After two years, Apple no longer wants to legally pursue Amazon over the use of the term "app store".

In 2011, Apple launched its lawsuit against Amazon over the use of the phrase "app store". Back then, Amazon was preparing to launch an Android app store for its Kindle tablets. Amazon now uses the term "Appstore" across its website.

"With more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favourite apps," an Apple statement said.

"We no longer see a need to pursue our case against Amazon."

In January this year, US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton dismissed Apple's claim that Amazon was engaged in false advertising by using the term "app store", to confuse consumers into thinking the company was affiliated with Apple's App Store.

Amazon had argued that "app store" is too generic to be trademarked.

In 2008, Apple launched its App Store, while Amazon opened its online marketplace in 2011 for its Android-powered Kindle tablets.

Topics: Apple, Amazon, Apps, Legal

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  • We no longer see a need to pursue our case against Amazon

    Translation - "Since you can only get apps for iOS from Apple, the judge dismissed our claim, and we don't quite have the money we did two years ago, it's not like this would work out our way no matter how it's viewed".
    William Farrel
    • A hatred for Apple

      Way to go,,,, We see who you cheer lead for.
      (Its not hard)
      • Less obvious than you

        You sound stung, hurt, defensive about this decision. Has it upset you?

        On the other hand, I think WF's critique is quite apt. Unless you're up to your eyes in koolaid, app store was always seen as a generic term, the view that the courts also went with. Nice try though.
        Little Old Man
      • Yeah, I hate Apple

        which is why I specifically bought my wife the iPhone, and asked if she wanted the ipad mini for Christmas, which I would be more then happy to have gotten her.

        Just because I can read between the lines in a corporate statement doesn't mean I hate Apple -

        1) Since you can't buy iOS apps at Amazon, there's no confusion at all, nor could there be a loss of revenue to Apple. Can you get iOS apps at Amazon?

        2) They are a little shorter of cash these day, (stocks taking a hit), so better to go after the sure things. Continued losses in courts my offer a reason for doubts about Apple's future going forward.

        3) The judge pretty much said " I see nothing here worth the court's time".

        But your words scream "You see who I cheer lead for!" (Its not that hard, really)
        William Farrel
  • The LCF loses again

    It's nice to see the Litigious Cupertino F**k's lose again.

    I cannot respect a company that feels they need a team of lawyers to be competitive. The Samsung suit is an embarrassment for the US judicial system. I like how the UK handled the same suit.

    The US is going to Hell in a hand basket.
  • Maneouvrings (IANAL)

    Amazon was going to seek a declaratory judgement that Apple's trademark was invalid. It has dropped that, in return for getting a "covenant not to sue" from Apple.

    So Apple is still implicitly claiming it has a valid trademark, however, owing to the use-it-or-lose-it nature of trademarks, letting Amazon get away with the name weakens its trademark claim. So this is really just postponing the inevitable.

    And maximizing the opportunities for further legal expenses, no doubt...
    • Funny to see the apple paid media spin this

      No spin hides the truth. apple lost this one on all counts, in every measurable way.

      Kudos to those who fight apple.

      Kudos Amazon.

      Kudos Google.

      Kudos Samsung.

      Nice to see the underdog win one against the corporate bully.

      Shame on you apple. For shame.
    • Post a link to that. Looks to me like Apple lost this straight out

      but you may have other sources handing you information not available to us "non-employees".
      William Farrel
      • Re: but you may have other sources handing you information not available to

        Or maybe I just read more widely than you do.

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