Apple's Do Not Disturb function down until January 7

Apple's Do Not Disturb function down until January 7

Summary: The vendor has acknowledged that there is a bug in iOS 6 that is affecting its Do Not Disturb feature across different devices, but it will be a few days before the malfunction will be fixed.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, Mobility

Apple has been boasting about its iOS 6 Do Not Disturb function with flashy ads starring the Williams sisters, but the new feature has suffered a fault that will not be fixed until January 7.

The Do Not Disturb mode allows Apple iOS 6 users, be it on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, to silence in-coming calls, alerts, and notifications for a given period of time. But as the New Year clocked over, some users noticed that the Do Not Disturb function was not turning itself off, staying on past its scheduled end time.

Apple has said that the problem will be resolved after January 7 and recommends that before this time, users should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

Apple has not explained why it will take some time to fix the problem.

Topics: Apple, iOS, Mobility

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  • apple is such a joke

    There is clearly something VERY flawed with code that is quite deep in ios because apple constantly has date and time related issues.

    So glad that I've been apple free since October 2012.
    • It's almost

      as if they're releasing an update to fix an update.
      If it was anyone else, it would be seen as ridiculous behaviour!
      Little Old Man
  • If Jobs were still alive...

    ...Tim Cook would have been fired at this point. I mean hard can it be to create a "Do Not Disturb" function???
    • Seem they have problems related to clock related apps/functions

      Didn't they have similar issues to the clock/date functions the past two years?
      • Wow

        Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)

        Happy New Year!
  • Really? We need software for this?

    " silence in-coming calls, alerts, and notifications for a given period of time.", how about try this: TURN YOUR PHONE OFF.
    • Actually it is a good feature when it works

      Some use their phone for an alarm or secondary alarm so that does not work if the phone is off. Also it allows for emergency and favorite calls to go through which can be convenient if there is an actual emergency. Non of that is useful if the phone is off.
  • This is why I did not get phone calls yesterday or today

    I did not notice the little moon on my phone until this afternoon. I thought Apple Just Works. Didn't they have software bugs related to clock related functions the past couple years?
  • Problem will likely resolve itself

    Note that Apple's post doesn't say that a fix will be released, only that it "will resume normal functionality after January 7". That date is significant in that it will mark a full week into the new year. It looks like they're having trouble with the "day of the week" calculation in the first week, which suggests that somewhere under the covers (and probably forthcoming in an iOS update) is the ability to schedule DND by day-of-week.

    Something is wrong with Apple's development and testing processes; dates are a well-known aggravation in programming and it's standard to test boundary conditions (week/month/year), day-of-week handling, leap year handling, and so on.
    Kevin Dean
    • "You're holding it wrong"

      As usual.