Australia Post stalls at Digital MailBox starting line

Australia Post stalls at Digital MailBox starting line

Summary: Australia Post's newest cloud-based service, Digital MailBox, has been taken offline due to bugs in its registration system.

TOPICS: Security, E-Commerce

After launching its Digital MailBox service earlier this week, Australia Post has had to suspend registrations.

The national postal service has said that due to a technical issue with the MailBox registration page, Australia Post has temporarily disabled it. It expects to return it to service shortly.

Australia Post has experienced a number of issues with one of its other services, Click and Send. The site, which is separate to the rest of Australia Post's systems, had to be suspended last month, while a URL vulnerability was closed. The vulnerability in question could allow attackers to potentially view invoices for other customers, including names and addresses.

On Thursday, Australia Post took its Click and Send site down again to fix "a system error."

Australia Post told ZDNet that the latest disruption to its Digital MailBox service was not due to a security incident.

"At no time was the MailBox compromised, nor any of our customers' data," a spokesperson for Australia Post said.

"The error with the Digital MailBox registration page is unrelated to Click and Send."

Australia Post has been racing to compete against rival Digital Post Australia, which launched its services on an invite-only basis in August. Australia Post lost its naming dispute against its rival only three days before Digital Post Australia's launch.

Topics: Security, E-Commerce

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