Australian clouds compared

Australian clouds compared

Summary: Cloud has matured in Australia. We take a look at some of the providers available, putting them head to head.


The comparison

Provider Product Online sign-up Datacentre locations Contract jurisdiction Credit card payment API Minimum term CPU ($/hr) Storage (GB/hr) Data transfer ($/GB) Load balancing Number of customers
Amazon Web Services Amazon EC2 Yes Various US locations, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo US Yes Yes None From US$0.02 From US$0.10 From US$0 to US$0.12 US$0.01/GB Not disclosed
Area9 Cloud Computing Coming soon Darwin, NT Australia Coming soon Coming soon 12 months AU$0.105 AU$0.045 Priced per requirements Included 500+
CloudCentral CloudServers Existing customers only Sydney, Canberra Australia Yes On request None AU$0.025 Included AU$0.25 (inbound); AU$0.50 (outbound) Free 500 to 1000
CSC Australia CloudComputer, BizCloud Yes Melbourne, Sydney Australia No Available CloudCompute: 3 months; BizCloud: 12 months AU$0.015 AU$0.034 to AU$0.104 POA Included Not disclosed
Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform Yes Sydney Australia Yes Yes None AU$0.044 AU$0.0004 Unlimited (inbound); AU$0.045 to AU$0.27 (outbound) Included 350
Fujitsu Managed/Local Cloud Platform Yes Sydney Australia No Yes None POA POA POA Yes 2,000+
Ninefold Cloud Computing and Storage Yes Sydney Australia Yes Yes None From AU$0.002 AU$0.092 AU$0 (inbound); AU$0.90 (outbound) Yes: AU$0.037/hr; AU$0.011/GB (data processing) Not disclosed
Optus PowerOn Compute No Sydney Australia No Yes 12 months AU$125/month AU$0.30 (standard); AU$0.60 (performance) Depends on bandwidth needs Yes Not disclosed
OrionVM CloudDC Yes Sydney Australia Yes Yes None AU$0.09 AU$0.30 AU$0.80 Yes Not disclosed
Telstra Cloud Services Yes Sydney Australia Coming soon Coming soon 1 hour (PAYG) From AU$0.05 From AU$0.003 AU$1 Free 500 to 1000
Ultraserve Cloud Machines Yes Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne soon Australia Yes Yes 1 hour AU$0.074; AU$0.59 (enterprise) AU$0.00053; AU$0.00042 (enterprise) AU$0.775; AU$0.617 (enterprise) Yes Not disclosed
Zettagrid Zettagrid Fully automated Sydney, Perth, Melbourne soon Australia Yes Yes 30 days AU$0.013 AU$0.0007; AU$0.001 (premium) AU$0.25; free for ISP customers Yes Not disclosed

Topics: Cloud, Virtualization, Optus, Telstra, Australia

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