Australian passports site to return after week-long outage

Australian passports site to return after week-long outage

Summary: The website is expected to be back up today after a hardware failure took it offline last Tuesday.


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has said that it expects the website to return later today after close to a week of being offline due to a hardware failure.

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DFAT originally reported the outage on Tuesday, the department told iTnews on Friday that it was expected to be down for the weekend.

The service is still currently down at the time of writing. However, the department told ZDNet today that it is expected to be back up later in the day.

"Passport online services are expected to resume later today," a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson attributed the outage to a "critical hardware failure", and said that the department's service delivery partners are working "around the clock" to ensure that the services would be back up.

While the outage means that people cannot access online application forms, check the status of their application, or process payments, the DFAT spokesperson said that applications for Australian passports are still being processed within 10 days, and people can call the Australian Passport Information Service on 13 12 32 to obtain a pre-completed online passport renewal form until the website is back up.

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  • Disaster! Database corruption and failed backup recovery

    I doubt this website will be backup anytime soon! A colleague (Who wishes to remain anonymous) has indicated that the problems are wider than Hardware, and with recent backups failing, it could be a lot longer to recover the site!
  • glad

    I got my new passport right before this went down