BYOD: How and why?

BYOD: How and why?

Summary: How exactly should businesses approach the phenomenon of BYOD?

TOPICS: Telcos

As the popularity of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model grows, and the desire for people to use their own mobile devices for work purposes increases, corporate networks are going to be accessed by a greater variety of devices. How can IT managers deal with this increasing headache?

ZDNet Australia held a 1-hour webinar on October 10, 2012 with Twisted Wire podcast host Phil Dobbie to help you get to grips with the BYOD issue. He was assisted by Michael Greco, Juniper's APAC director of security.

The webinar covered:

  • Mobility: The corporate risks

  • The dangers of people using their own mobile devices

  • Ignoring BYOD at your peril

  • The growth of BYOD and the downsides of a policy that ignores peoples' desires to use their own devices

  • How you need to protect, connect, and manage devices. Greco took us through the four steps needed to enable your network for BYOD use.

Topic: Telcos

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  • FUD 101

    "Ignoring BYOD at your peril"

    Translation: "Do it the BYOD way or we'll proclaim you an idiot"

    I think I'll skip the "class", thanks. I'm not interested in a political speech disguising itself as a class.
    • I don't understand you comment

      I don't see that be it good or bad it is in any way political. I suppose working at a university I am not in a high level corporate environment but I see our systems people constantly trying to improve mobile device access, I thin there may be a belief that mobile devices are less of a risk than laptops because they are not the tool of choice (yet) for hackers to use which is probably our greatest risk given that we have no - corporate information worth anyones time to access - except students trying to access exam answers!

      But wherever you may be it is something that needs to be considered people are turning up to work with ipads, tablets or just plain old smartphones and they expect to be connected to the internet -so I agree you cant ignore it and do need a policy
  • The same way the PC was dealt with

    BYOD is PC 2.0. History repeats itself first as tragedy, then as comedy and finally as buzzwords.

    Eventually anyone who wants access to corporate systems will have their device locked down.

    Then it will be LYODAH (Leave your own device at home).
  • How did this month old post bubble up again?

    How did this month old post with only two comments bubble up to the front page again? It's fairly obvious nobody is interested in it.
    • On demand content

      Hi Cobra,

      Although we broadcasted the webinar live, we typically put it up an on-demand version again shortly after the event concludes so that those that missed the live event can watch it in their own time.


      Michael Lee (Mukimu)
  • funny

    I built my pc from the ground up and all I did was buy the parts. Why can't the same be done for mobile devices? I bet OEMs would Make killer profit if they manufactured parts and software. The parts would be a bit above standard price to ensure profit and the software comes free? I guess with it being open sourced though one shouldn't charge for the system, but the skin i can see big profits to customize your own UI skin as well. Maybe it's just me. But i would throw my wallet at those options.
  • Interesting Movement?

    How about all employees submit to constant monitoring in every facet of their life to work at an organisation and sign contracts about the non sharing of knowledge with heafty financial pennalties depending on the breach. Lawyers and security will become even bigger than it already is.

    No doubt some people will jump at the prospect of byod without a thought for the security. In this day everyone should submit to handing over private recording devices and only use those supplied by the company. The quik fix to overheads, Byod, will chop off the heads of companies and the companies themselves in time. Eis & Mrls resurgence.