Cisco picks up AU$38m NBN Co deal

Cisco picks up AU$38m NBN Co deal

Summary: Cisco to provide routers and firewalls for the National Broadband Network.


Networking vendor giant Cisco has announced that it will supply routers and firewalls to NBN Co in a deal worth up to AU$38 million.

Cisco will provide multi-protocol layer switching on Cisco routers and firewalls in support of NBN Co's National Connectivity Network (NCN), the company said today. The company will deploy technology in NBN Co's depot and aggregation nodes to allow NBN Co staff to monitor the fibre, fixed-wireless and satellite network, and the equipment will support Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS).

According to The Australian, Cisco beat Alcatel-Lucent for the five-year contract.

The deal builds on an AU$9.5 million datacentre equipment deal that Cisco had signed with NBN Co at the end of 2010.

NBN Co's Executive General Manager of Network Architecture and Technology Tony Cross said that the equipment will help activate new services and monitor the network for faults.

"This equipment will enable communication between NBN Co's centralised operational staff and IT systems with the fibre, fixed wireless and satellite equipment situated at various locations across Australia. The remote control of this equipment, via the NCN, will allow new services to be activated, and faults to be diagnosed and repaired quickly and efficiently across Australia," Cross said in a statement.

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  • Cisco picks up AU$38m NBN Co deal

    Sadly it looks as if Malcolm Turnbull may be partly right - the NBN is not going for the most cost-effective equipment. I wonder if anyone in the NBN Co did a cost-benefit analysis of the offerings from other networking vendors? Most of them can easily beat Cisco on both features and price, even quoting at RRP.

    Also most of the others don't try to lock you into proprietary protocols, and therefore have to compete on their merits when it comes time to evaluate upgrades and replacements, as opposed to forcing you to buy their stuff (at no discount) because you are locked into their proprietary solutions. Good old IBM mainframe tactics all over again!