Click Frenzy meltdown doesn't bring enough httpd for everyone

Click Frenzy meltdown doesn't bring enough httpd for everyone

Summary: The over-hyped Click Frenzy online sale event failed to achieve lift-off, and crashed on the launch pad.

TOPICS: Australia, Outage

Touted as "the sale that stopped the internet," Click Frenzy opened for business at 7 p.m. AEDST on Tuesday, but its website crashed just minutes after the sale began.

The 24-hour promotion, which mimics America's Cyber Monday sales, promised heavily discounted one-off deals for online shoppers, with Myer and Dick Smith among the dozens of big-name retailers onboard.

The websites of some participating retailers also crashed shortly after the sale began. Priceline's website became unavailable before kick-off, with Myer following suit 10 minutes after it opened.

Click Frenzy's Facebook timeline shows the carnage if you scroll down far enough: A number of excited posts counting down to the sale, and then a statement apologising for the failure.

"The technical directors, developers, and infrastructure specialists involved in this inaugural event are working to get to the root of what occurred with the wave of traffic at 7 p.m. I am not in a position to describe exactly what has occurred yet, as the teams involved are working on the solution first to resolve any problems. We will provide answers as soon as they are available. We will continue to issue updates," wrote co-founder Grant Arnott.

UltraServe, the hosting provider for Click Frenzy, has said that it will be providing details on the architecture.

Twitter formed into joyous meltdown as unhappy punters vented their frustration, and others engaged in schadenfreude.

One of the better blow-by-blow accounts of the evening is on the Twitter stream of Bulletproof Networks' Jeff Waugh, who traced the site as it moved between CDNs.

Department store David Jones and tech giants Apple and Dell were among those who didn't join in on the promotion, launching their own rival sales on Tuesday.

David Jones began an online and in-store promotion at 9 a.m. AEDST, while Apple unveiled plans for a one-day sale on Friday.

Topics: Australia, Outage


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  • Yeah

    Am I the only one who had never heard of Click Frenzy, let alone this huge promotion they were having?
    • Nope.

      I've never heard of them either. If I did, I probably just dismissed it and moved on to somethng else.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • UltraServe needed some Azure grunt

    Not all clouds are created equally

  • May be...

    They want to know what colossal failure of a launch like Google's Nexus 4/7/10 launch last week feels like...
  • The first thing you learn running Magento...

    is to not do high traffic promotions like this without 6 months of heavy stress testing. It takes a pretty tough, agile and resilient server cluster with a megabuck of hardware backing it up to even begin attempting supporting this kind of traffic.