CSC granted $2.76M to build cloud and cybersecurity centres

CSC granted $2.76M to build cloud and cybersecurity centres

Summary: New funding for the Illawarra region in NSW, Australia, will result in the construction of two Centres of Excellence for cloud and cybersecurity.


CSC has been given a AU$2.76 million grant to create two Centres of Excellence that will focus on cloud and cybersecurity.

The grant comes from the Illawarra Region Innovation and Investment Fund, set up by the Australian and New South Wales governments, and BlueScope Steel. CSC's new grant forms part of the AU$17.2 million total in grants that were offered by the fund today.

CSC will match the AU$2.76 million dollar-for-dollar with its own funding, and will use the money to create the two centres within its own Technology Park campus in Wollongong, NSW. Combined, the two centres are expected to create 98 jobs in the region.

CSC said that the two centres will focus on cloud and emerging IT services for Australian and global customers, and security operations to monitor and respond to network threats and cyberattacks.

In total, 25 companies received grants, including Port Kembla's National Biodiesel, Alminco, Lumina Administration, One Wealth, and VanceInfo Technologies.

CSC has had troubles with its other projects in the UK recently. It had to take a UK$1 billion hit on the value of its contract with the UK Department of Health to implement a patient electronic records system. The debacle has been an ongoing issue for the systems integrator, which has gone as far as to blame write-offs on the project for its poor 2012 yearly performance.

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  • Another Gov Handout for Fraud riddled Company Facing Failures & Inhumanity

    It is a sad day for Australians to have tax dollars be given to fraud riddled company such as CSC that is currently under SEC investigation for Fraud, Has Failed Customers such as the NHS in the UK and is responsible for committing crimes against humanity on rendition flights of torture. Read the stories of Khalid El Masiri a German Citizen that has been kidnapped and tortured by CSC enabled planes and CIA agents responsible for the extraordinary rendition program. CSC has violated the rights of its own investors. It has defrauded them. It has defrauded its customers and has blood of rendition and kidnapping on its hands. Shame on our politicians that give a company like CSC the bandwidth to operate and finance these ongoing corporate criminals.