Daily Cuppa: Apple sales outed, Yahoo eyes Twitter exec

Daily Cuppa: Apple sales outed, Yahoo eyes Twitter exec

Summary: Apple and Samsung were forced to disclose sales figures, Yahoo has its eyes on a Twitter executive, Chrome sandbox cut down Flash crashes by 20 per cent and people want a 7-inch iPad.


The weekend is over, the Olympics is finishing up and it is yet another Monday. Here's what happened over the last two days.

Apple is hardly the most open company at the best of times, but one side effect of the company's global patent war against Samsung is that both are being forced to disclose a lot more information than they would normally be comfortable with. Apple's sales figures in Australia, which have been tabled in the Australian Federal Court, have been marked as confidential, meaning that pesky journalists can't get their hands on them. This is not so in the United States, where filings over the weekend detailed exactly how many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices Apple has sold since 2007.

Between 2007 and the end of Q2 2012, Apple has sold 85.9 million iPhones and 46.5 million iPod Touch devices in the US, which equates to around US$50.7 billion in revenue. The company has sold 32 million iPads in the US since 2010, adding up to a total of US$19 billion in revenue.

Samsung, by comparison, has sold slightly more than 6 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices in the US since 2010. The original Galaxy Tab sold over 725,000 devices, with 585,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices sold and 125,000 4G versions sold. In total, the company only sold 1.4 million tablets.

It has become clear why Apple might be considering a 7-inch version of the iPad; according to a recent survey, 21 per cent of people said that they'd consider buying a smaller iPad for their kids. Most seem keener on getting their hands on the iPhone 5 first, though.

Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer is reportedly approaching Twitter's head of international markets Katie Jacobs Stanton to get Yahoo back in to the media game.

The latest Chrome browser for Windows sandboxes Flash, which will hopefully cut the amount of times you see Flash crash by around 20 per cent. This, I'm sure, will be a welcome relief to many people.

Microsoft is prepping nine fixes for Patch Tuesday, including five fixes for critical security flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, SQL Server, Sever Software and Developer Tools.

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  • Mini iPad vs 7" Samsung

    If Apple does produce a 7" iPad, wont that be infringing on Samsungs 7" version?

    We could be seeing this whole roundabout of copyright cases happen again in 12 months. Or perhaps this is Apple pre-empting that and trying to get a decision that covers ALL tablet designs, making the 7" Samsung one infringe as well.

    Stranger things have happened.
  • What I like about the sales outed ...

    .... is how all the "millions sold" claims have turned out to be complete lies. Not a single galaxy tab has made it to the 1 million mark.

    But dumbdroids continue to claim that is selling in the millions.

    Just like the ASUS Transformer .... where ASUS admitted in court that they only produced 80K units and still had unsold inventory.
    • Indeed

      Yeah, that has got to be fairly sobering for all the people charged with making build forecasts for new tablets coming out. Samsung is not a slug at this stuff; they are a major player worldwide in televisions, they are the #1 maker of mobile phones. They know how to make stuff and sell it. If this is what happened to them, anybody coming in behind had best be cautious.

      Redmond's cheerleaders will tell us that Windows 8 tablets will be different, but they don't have to sign off on the order to build a million Surface RT's and so spend 300 or 350 million dollars on parts and assembly.

      Since I'm an Old Fart(tm), this reminds me of the earliest days of the IBM PC, when all the other computer makers came out with their own PCs and then watched in disbelief as the things sat on the shelf while the IBM units danced out the door by the hundreds. That was an era of some seriously huge inventory write-downs, and this tablet business is another. When the Samsung guy sat down to plan his forecast, it was probably impossible for him to believe they would do as badly as they did.

      People wanting Windows 8 tablets, and who can wait until March or April, will find the same sort of bargains on Woot that we saw this year with Android tablets. There might even be a $100 closeout sale or two. Many are called, but few will be chosen.
      Robert Hahn