Daily Cuppa: Microsoft revamps its logo, more iPhone 5 leaks

Daily Cuppa: Microsoft revamps its logo, more iPhone 5 leaks

Summary: Microsoft changes its logos, Salesforce releases results and we see new photos of possible iPhone 5 parts.


It's Friday and Daffodil Day, but most of all, it's the day after the night when lots of news happened.

Microsoft has chosen a new logo, which makes it look even more like a square … Do you like it?

After less than stellar third-quarter results for Hewlett-Packard (HP), Salesforce has performed well in its second quarter and has raised its guidance for its full year results.

ZDNet editor in chief Larry Dignan conducted an analysis of Dell and HP's results, and said that they probably shouldn't bother with their consumer PC businesses.

Meanwhile, Jack Clark took a look at Amazon Web Services Glacier product, and came to the conclusion that it's much more expensive than the legacy tape technology companies have been using for storage.

iPhone 5 leaks are in full swing, with pictures coming to light that detail what the phone's new connector will allegedly look like. I guess we'll find out if those leaks are right, next month.

Google isn't taking any chances with privacy any more, appointing a special red team to make sure it's not mucking up — again.

Nokia and Samsung have announced a partnership that will see them work on mapping inside buildings.

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 is set to get its first update, while VMware has revamped Fusion 5.

Jack Schofield took a look at the women executives who are running technology companies that made it onto Forbes' list of the 100 most powerful women, and speculated on what their presence means.

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  • Falling Market Share, Boring “Same-Old” Products ...

    ... competitors racing ahead and leaving you completely flat-footed ...

    Yup, the most important thing you need right now is a new logo.
  • What falling market share?

    Still about the same saturation as 10 years ago. Hmmm, sounds like an Open Source fanatic trying to lend validity to their cause, without facts, of course.
    • Re: What falling market share?

      Linux, in the form of Android, has just about passed Windows to become the world’s most popular OS.