Defence and Boeing ink $25 million communications deal

Defence and Boeing ink $25 million communications deal

Summary: The Australian Defence Department has signed on Boeing for AU$25 million to improve the existing Defence High Frequency Communications system.


Boeing, Alcatel Lucent, and Ebor Computing will improve the Defence High Frequency Communications system in an AU$25 million deal with the Department of Defence.

The system has been built and operated by Boeing since 1997, with the system coming in place in 2009. It is used for secure voice and data services between remote stations for the Australian Defence Force where existing fixed lines are unavailable.

The system has fully automated frequency management and automatically selects the right frequency for the best call or data transfer quality.

Minister for Defence David Johnston said yesterday that Boeing Defence Australia had been picked to improve the system based on development work done with Ebor Computing and Alcatel Lucent for signal improvement and direction finding for the system.

"This contract is more proof that the Abbott Government is getting on with the important business of ensuring a safe and secure Australia. Importantly, this contract with BDA will also see substantial savings on the support of existing equipment," Johnston said in a statement.

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    I never knew defense was also spelled defence. Until today, defence was something a cattle ranch hand might do.
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    Most English-speaking countries use the British spelling of words. England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. all use the British spellings. Canada and the US are in the minority. Did you know "color" is also spelled "colour", "theater" is also spelled "theatre", "center is also spelled "centre", or "aluminum" is also called "aluminium"? There's a great big world out there... and more than one way to spell "defense". Get used to it.