Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Summary: Some of the best ways to stay motivated in a startup is to look for like-minded entrepreneurs. But why just have coffee with them when you can work alongside them? We take a look at some of the co-working spaces in Sydney that house some of the best Aussie startups.



Suite 2, Level 2, 66 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW

Nestled away on Oxford Street, Homework co-resides in the same building as Fishburners' EngineRoom, putting members within close proximity of other tech startups in Darlinghurst. Its unassuming space is one of the smallest that we visited, but by no means cramped.

(Credit: Homework)

About a quarter of the tenants fall within the tech-related space, running a startup that is either online or tech-product related. With the space being more intimate, so too are the teams — tenants tend to be individuals or small groups, sometimes with members being independent freelancers, who, while always on the go, need somewhere to call home for a day or two.

With the majority of tenants not being in the tech startup space, it offers those that are a unique insight into how others operate their businesses. Each month, Homework has a monthly event called Class, where a co-worker explains their line of work and the challenges they encounter. Given its intimacy, Homework founder Josh Capelin said that startups are less likely to feel isolated, as their fellow co-workers tend to be very community minded.

In fact, Capelin has no plans to create a focus on tech startups, or pigeon hole the space to any specific industry, instead seeing the space's diversity as one of its strengths.

"Right from day one, I've implemented an open-door policy. I do like to know what someone is working on so I can help or suggest others to help, and because I like the idea of being able to promote an awesome group of people in the one space (industrial designers, global movement campaigners, tech startups, carbon pricing, digital media, music managers, etc) to the outside world.

"The only criteria currently employed is that a person is normal in the sense they understand spatial awareness, noise levels, and appropriate exchanges of conversation, information, and value."

Like many of the co-working communities in Sydney, it, too, is playing well with its competitors. During our visit, it was even hosting Hub Sydney co-founder Ehon Chan, who flew up from Melbourne to help set up the Sydney co-working space.

Although small, Homework has gained the support of the City of Sydney, which helps to promote Homework and subsidise the lease for the space. Its current deal ensures that support for the space will be around for at least another two years, but Capelin has been entertaining the idea of possibly expanding the space out to Bondi.

"There are high numbers of freelancers and creatives who live in the area, and it combines two of my favourite things, being work and play. But some people like the idea of at least 'heading' to work in the direction of the city, so it would be an interesting experiment."


Casual desks:

  • Weekday access, 9am - 5pm

  • AU$25/day

Interstate stand-up desks:

  • Weekday access, 9am - 5pm

  • AU$20/day


  • Weekday access, 9am - 7pm

  • AU$100/week


  • 24/7 access

  • AU$300/month ($75/week)

Six monthly:

  • 24/7 access

  • AU$280/month ($70/week)

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