Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Summary: Some of the best ways to stay motivated in a startup is to look for like-minded entrepreneurs. But why just have coffee with them when you can work alongside them? We take a look at some of the co-working spaces in Sydney that house some of the best Aussie startups.


Hub Sydney

101 William Street, Sydney, NSW (opening April 2013)

Hub Sydney will be one of the many branches of the main Hub franchise originally founded in London. The Hub group has already set up hubs in 35 other countries, including one in Melbourne, and will be opening the Sydney space on William Street later this year.

(Credit: Hub Sydney)

The Sydney team is quite small at the moment, but the plans for the space are huge. It has held a number of design events in the past few months, allowing interested co-workers to provide input into what the "clubhouse" will look like when it is finished. It has hired Hassell as its design partner, which will help fit out its space of about 500 square metres.

When the clubhouse does open, it won't be alone. Desk Space is located just down the road, and there's space within the same building for another local council-supported co-working space. It is also working with Vibewire to later this month host an open co-working event in Hyde Park called "Cowork in the Park".

Like its other spaces in the world, Hub Sydney won't be purely tech focused. Hubs are typically geared toward use by anyone, whether they are in the tech space or not, and it expects its clientele to include people from startups, corporations, non-profit organisations, and government entities.

Since the culture and work environment vary significantly between one person and the next, Hub Sydney plans to have separate areas to support the activities that it expects its members will use the space for. This includes meeting rooms for discussing more serious matters with clients, open spaces for planning and creative activities, and quiet areas for those who need to "wire in" to what they're doing and simply get work done without outside distractions.

Members also benefit from it being one of the only co-working franchises in Australia. Startups that regularly travel between Melbourne and Sydney will be able to use Hub Melbourne's facilities while they are there at no additional cost. Its international hubs also mean that larger startups or companies that have an international presence have access to a consistent workplace and support network.


Hub Sydney has yet to finalise its pricing and access terms, but supplied the following indicative pricing at the time of writing:

Community membership:

  • Access to space and learning/social events

  • AU$30/month

Individual co-working membership:

  • From a couple of days per month to a full-time desk

  • AU$105/month to AU$625/month

Team co-working membership:

  • Includes permanent table for up to five people to use

  • AU$2,200/month

Team offices:

  • AU$2,500/month to AU$3,000/month

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