Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Summary: Some of the best ways to stay motivated in a startup is to look for like-minded entrepreneurs. But why just have coffee with them when you can work alongside them? We take a look at some of the co-working spaces in Sydney that house some of the best Aussie startups.


Tank Stream Labs

17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney, NSW

Tank Stream Labs is a relatively new outfit in town, but is already attracting lots of attention from startups. If being close to the money is a startup's concern, it doesn't get any closer than this — Tank Stream Labs is located across the road from Sydney's Exchange Square, and, as such, it is one of the only co-working spaces that can truly bill itself as being in the heart of the city.

(Credit: Tank Stream Labs)

Although the buildings around Tank Stream Labs have traditionally been filled with a startup's worst nightmare — cubicle farms and accountants — the space has been radically transformed. Partitions have been knocked down, the carpet ripped up, the windows better used for natural light, and the entire floor converted into open-planned space.

Airtasker, an Australian startup itself, is one of the players behind the space, but the co-working space wasn't necessarily a commercial venture. Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung told us that at one point, he found that it was his business all alone in the corner of the floor, and that on occasion, when startups visiting Sydney needed space, they would often loan out some of the level, much like mates letting visiting friends crash on their couch. Together with Bridge Lane Capital, they took control of the entire level and began to put it to better use.

Along with Airtasker, it houses a number of other tech startups, though not on the same multi-level scale as Fishburners. Despite the smaller scale, it has still garnered the support of PwC and Anchor, which is great for helping businesses learn which assets are most liquid and obtaining cold liquid assets, respectively.

The current tenants at Tank Stream Labs tend to be slightly bigger teams of about four to six people, although smaller groups should fit in fine. Fung said that he wanted the space to be fun, but serious, and not simply a place to hang out. It shows, with the space kitted out with beanbags and table tennis courts, but during our visit, minds were hard at work. Given its location in the CBD, Tank Stream Labs has a fairly good balance of being relaxed, while also professional enough that tenants' clients can walk into a meeting room and not feel out of place.

Having only opened its doors just six weeks before Christmas, Tank Stream Labs is still in its infancy, but it has some significant plans on the horizon. Airtasker and Bridge Lane decided to hire a manager for the space, and placed Balder Tol at its helm. Tol is no stranger to startups, having been AirBnB's first employee, and instrumental in paving the way for its Australian presence.

Tol said that although his job would be to make Tank Stream Labs a success, it is also about giving back to the community. Having Bridge Lane on board means that more successful startups will be in a better position to seek equity funding when the time is right, or use Tank Stream Labs' networks to obtain advice on their funding options.


Day pass:

  • 8am - 6pm access

  • Use of meeting rooms for up to 1 hour

  • 20 colour prints

  • AU$50/day

Part-time membership:

  • Two days/week

  • 8am - 6pm access

  • Use of meeting rooms for up to 10 hours per month

  • 80 colour prints per month

  • AU$350/month

Full-time membership:

  • 24/7 access

  • Use of meeting rooms for up to 24 hours per month

  • 100 colour prints per month

  • Lockable cabinet

  • AU$600/month

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