Foxtel launches IPTV service

Foxtel launches IPTV service

Summary: Australia's largest subscription television company Foxtel has launched its IPTV subscription service allowing customers to watch to Foxtel over the internet.

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Telstra and News Corporation's joint TV subscription company Foxtel has today launched a new IPTV subscription service, Foxtel Play, targeting consumers who have been reluctant to sign up for lengthy contracts with the company.

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The new service has gone live today, with a free seven-day trial ahead of a larger launch on August 11.

The service is available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and Samsung smart TVs, starting at AU$25 per month for a basic package either including entertainment channels, drama channels, documentary channels, or kids' channels. From there, the customers can add another package for AU$10 extra per month, two for AU$20, or have all four for AU$50 per month.

Premium channels for sports or movies and Showtime, which includes much of the critically acclaimed HBO dramas such as The Newsroom and Game of Thrones, are available for an additional AU$25 per month.

The subscriptions are month to month, and customers can cancel at any time.

Foxtel Play subscribers will also get access to Foxtel's Go app for smartphones and tablets.

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said in a statement that the Foxtel Play service is aimed at customers who might not be able to access the Foxtel set-top box offering.

"Now, Foxtel Play gives even more Australians who might not be able to access the core service the freedom and flexibility to enjoy Foxtel across multiple connected devices and at price points to suit different budgets and tastes," he said.

The market for IPTV in Australia is still relatively new compared to the United Kingdom and the United States. While US giants like Netflix and Hulu are not yet offering services in Australia, there are several other IPTV or streaming content services in the country, including Quickflix and FetchTV. The government-funded ABC has a live-streaming channel for its 24-hour news station, while both ABC and SBS have streaming catch-up services.

Netflix and Hulu have, however, reportedly registered trademarks in Australia, but have yet to reveal any plans to launch services in Australia.

Quickflix reported last week that it has 106,825 active subscribers as of the end of June, following the rollout of its streaming service, with the company now said to be focusing on growing its customer base and obtaining more content.

Topics: Telcos, Australia


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  • Cheaper

    This is significantly cheaper than what i am paying with the box, maybe i might change over!
  • New - being replacement of the IPTV service I already tried?

    I had foxtel month by month on my Samsung TV earlier this year.

    Much better than having a contract or needing a box.

    Quality could have been better - but then data use would have been an issue. A high bandwidth HD option would have been nice especially since I am on 100Mbps.

    I decided that I wasn't going to get value out of it so cancelled. A few days later Foxtel cancelled the service for any Samsung TVs as old as mine anyway citing streaming support - which really made no sense to me as it had worked quite well for the bit rates it offered.

    So how new is this 'new' service?
  • Welcome to the World Australia

    Nice to see the content gatekeepers in Australia finally open up to the web. And offering us the ability to stream from the couch or the porcelain, nice. I'll be signing up.
  • WC Australia

    Happy to read it
    Ena Rose
  • Great

    I expect to a lot of your impressive posts.
    Fortune Innovations Houston
  • Oh by the way Josh -

    It would be nice if you could have actually said in the article,
    Foxtel GO is NOT AVAILABLE on Android devices, and wont be in the near future.

    You must have an ipad or iphone to use Go.