Google Aus NZ finds new head at P&G

Google Aus NZ finds new head at P&G

Summary: After over 20 years at consumer product manufacturer Procter & Gamble, Maile Carnegie has taken the top job at Google Australia and New Zealand.

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Google has hired Procter & Gamble's local head Maile Carnegie as its new country director for Australia and New Zealand.

Google's new head for ANZ Maile Carnegie
(Image: Google)

Carnegie replaces Nick Leeder, who moved to France last month to head up Google's operations in the country.

Having being an employee of Procter & Gamble for over 20 years, Carnegie has held various positions within the company, and eventually became the head of Australia and New Zealand three years ago.

ZDNet understands that while Carnegie has no notable background in technology, she has a wealth of experience in marketing and sales.

She has a degree in Business Administration in Finance, Economics, and Marketing from the University of Technology (UTS) in Sydney.

Carnegie starts her role at Google Australia, based out of Sydney, on July 15.

Topics: Google, Australia

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