Google to trial personal emails for search results

Google to trial personal emails for search results

Summary: One million Gmail users will be able to try out a feature that Google is looking to introduce to its search engine that includes personal email content in search results.

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Google is gearing up to test out a search feature that integrates with Gmail.

The idea is that when a Google search-engine user types in a query, the results that come up will not only be from the public web, but also from their personal Gmail account. This means that if someone searches "best restaurant", the results may contain a previous email from a friend that mentions a particular restaurant.

This feature is still in its early phase, and Google is inviting 1 million Gmail users to test it on a first-come, first-serve basis. The trial is only accessible for queries made through

Interested participants are able to sign up online.

Google spreads Knowledge Graph worldwide

Google has also made its Knowledge Graph service accessible across the world.

First introduced to the US in May, Knowledge Graph is a database of over 500 million people, places and things that are connected in 3.5 billion ways. Knowledge Graph collates and displays information from the database that relates to a particular search query. The summarised information is shown on the right-hand side of Google's search-engine page, and can give users the answers to questions they haven't even asked yet.

As of tomorrow, Knowledge Graph will be progressively rolled out to users in other countries, including Australia, making Google search queries in English.

The product is a result of Google's acquisition of Metaweb two years ago. It also draws on a number of free online resources, including Wikipedia; the information it shows is shaped by what queries users are making through Google Search.

"We strongly believe we have to give the best locally relevant results globally," Google search senior vice-president Amit Singhal said.

Indeed, Google has attempted to localise Knowledge Graph so that the response from searching the word "chief" in the US, for example, will be different to when it is done in New Zealand.

For US users, Google Knowledge Graph will now have additional functions, such as a more detailed carousel on the top of the search page. The rest of the world is getting the basic version.

Google is keen to push the product to non-English searches, but said that it still had a lot of work to do in order to make that happen.

"We are working aggressively to take it beyond English, but this is a very hard challenge," Singhal said. He pointed out it is already extremely difficult to do in English, let alone in another language.

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  • Gmail will now appear in Google search results

    Gmail will now appear in Google search results
  • Gmail will now appear in Google search results

    Gmail will now appear in Google search results
  • Hello, spam.

    Hello, spam. As if there weren't already enough ways to get us onto spammers' lists.
  • I've always been a big fan of Picasa & Maps,etc ....BUT

    To have the contents of my searchable ..........this seems more like a tool designed for the CIA to me.
    Over and Out
    • Search for YOUR email, not someone else

      The searched material is ONLY your stored email, and you are not accessing someone else's email or other site data. This however could go terribly wrong should they screw up something, but when all goes well -- no worries. In other words, they are not going to intentionally show your personal emails to other people. This is just for your personal referencing.
  • It's only searchable by you

    Guys, it's just that when you do a web search from your Google account, it will include your own Gmail in your own searches. Sort of like using Google + Google Desktop in one search. It's NOT making your email searchable by OTHER people.
    big red one
  • This is the security apocalypse!

    So what happens when Google has some kind of security issue, or hacker problem, where your emails show up in someone else's search results? Pop goes the Google Bubble!

    What promises are they making that your email isn't being sold to advertisers? (not that they made any promises about that before....)
    • Not that much

      If somebody's in your account, they got that data already. Although it DOES mean they don't need to do as much data processing...

      And Google still only sell statistics over larger groups, not personal data. (AFAIK)
    • This is the security apocalypse!

      and what happens if the sky falls in tommorow, we're all screwed!

      Good Grief.
      Scarface Claw
  • Mail Search

    When I search the Internet, I'm looking for someone else's information, not my own. If I want to search my mailbox, there's already a tool for that.

    This is just another way for Google to make spam more visible and steal your info.
  • best way to avoid

    Don't use gmail nor google search!
    I have a gmail account but it is my fourth choice after work, Hotmail , and ATT/Yahoo. Google search is second/third choice.