Greens communications spokesperson misses out on Senate spot

Greens communications spokesperson misses out on Senate spot

Summary: The Australian Greens' communications spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam becomes a single term Senator after he missed out on retaining his seat in the Parliament.


Greens communications spokesperson Scott Ludlam will leave the parliament at the end of June next year, after he missed out on retaining the seat that he won at the 2007 election.

The six seats in Western Australia ultimately went to Liberal MPs David Johnston, Michaelia Cash, Linda Reynolds, Labor MPs Louise Pratt, Joe Bullock, and Palmer United Party candidate Zhenya Wang.

Ludlam tweeted that he was seeking a potential recount, but on the current standing, he will end his time in the senate that commenced in 2008 at the end of June 2014 as the new Senate sits in July.

Due to the peculiarities of the Australian Senatorial election system, at a critical juncture in the count, 14 votes decide whether Ludlam holds onto his seat or not. ABC Election Analyst, Antony Green, pointed out that should the 14 vote gap be reversed, then the Labor and Palmer United parties would lose their seats in favour of the Greens and Australian Sports Party.

During his time in the Senate, Ludlam has seen down two communications ministers and three shadow communications ministers. He has been a strong supporter of the Labor government's National Broadband Network (NBN), but has also found himself siding with the Coalition on Labor's proposed mandatory internet filter. His particular attention to the communications and information security area gained prominience in Senate Estimates hearings over the last few years, where he would focus in sharply on government surveillance proposals such as data retention.

 He was also the staunchest defender of WikiLeaks in the Australian parliament, but WikiLeaks preferenced the Nationals above Ludlam in the election. Although ultimately it has been reported that Wikileaks preferencing did not cause Ludlam to lose his seat.

Ludlam told ZDNet in August that should he fail to retain his seat, then there would be others in the Greens would take up the communications and IT role in his place.

"I think it has been mischaracterised, as I'm the only one in parliament who cares about or works on these issues, but we've got a strong Greens team who will continue to take on these issues no matter what. I'm hoping that I'm part of it, but even if I'm not, we'll continue to do that work," he said.

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  • Greens misses out.

    The time runs out for Greens, looking back to the pass, the high tide was under Julia Gillard reign, a minor Labor needed to form government, after the election on August 2010, the Greens seemed control the government, despite they are a small party. It opposes against the democratic principle that confirms the minority to be conceded majority, unfortunately it was upside down, so the Australia constitution being loophole.
    under the minor government, the real power being in hand of Greens, likely in the most communist regime, the party controls whole the country. The Greens became the abnormal form of democratic country as Australia, but it extended the power through the term of Julia Gillard. A giant Labor had been lost the direction by the controversial policies as carbon tax, mining tax, the wrong confirms asylum seeker as refugee...those harm the national interest and tax pay, actually the asylum seeker cost more than $ 12 billion, that is among the cause of Labor lost in the election September 7, 2013.
    Remembrance the high tide of Greens, leader Bob Brown told to media, a day, Greens will be replaced Labor; but after then Mr. Bob Brown seemed recognize the Greens's future, then he resigned.
    The election on September 7, 2013 is the strong message of people voices, Labor ousted from power and Greens lost about 4 %, actually at Tasmania, a place born Greens being heavy lost up to 11 %. There is about haft of a million voters abandoned Greens, despite Greens retained a lower house seat of Adam Bandt,but they are no longer hold the power in senate.
    The people have waved Greens likely the Democrat lost all the seat at upper house then they disappeared into the political arena. In Western Australia, the Greens communications spokesperson, senator Scott Ludam lost his seat just 14 votes, another loss of this party. However, the Greens sees the coffin, but they have not cry yet, senator Sarah Hanson Young who swims against the stream, she often raises the strong voice to support the asylum seeker.
    Hoa Minh Truong.
    ( author of 3 books: the dark journey, good evening Vietnam & from laborer to author)
    hoa minh truong