iiNet targets business with 4G mobile fleet plans

iiNet targets business with 4G mobile fleet plans

Summary: iiNet has today unveiled a range of 4G mobile fleet plans for businesses.

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iiNet has released a range of 4G mobile fleet plans for businesses, offering plans with Samsung 4G handsets and SIM-only plans.

The internet service provider (ISP) is extending its push into the business market through 4G fleet plans for existing fixed broadband customers. iiNet wholesales services from mobile telco giant Optus.

The plans start at AU$14.95 per month, with a SIM fee of AU$25. This includes 200MB of data per month and AU$200 in call value.

iiNet also has an AU$29.00 monthly plan with AU$650 of call value and 1.5GB of data, an AU$49.00 monthly plan with AU$900 in call value and 2GB of data, and an AU$69 monthly plan with 5GB of data and call costs included.

"With faster mobile access on the 4G mobile network and the new Samsung 4G-ready mobile handsets, iiNet can offer a host of opportunities to help our customers be innovative in the way they manage and grow their business," iiNet's chief business officer Greg Bader said.

Yesterday, Virgin Mobile announced its own 4G plan with a massive 13GB in monthly data for AU$59 per month.

Topic: Telcos


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  • $69 plan

    Only has 5GB of data, I just looked it up
  • Up the Data ratio Telcos or is really a rabbit trap

    The data ration to calls value is starting to look like a trap for the unsuspected. It's the old what's promoted vs what's provided problem. So much content potential is promoted yet the access via data limits has the teeth of a rabbit trap.