Lake Macquarie plans IT overhaul

Lake Macquarie plans IT overhaul

Summary: The city's council is keen to modernise its IT, and may consider outsourcing everything.


Lake Macquarie City Council is looking to shake up its existing IT environment, and is open to outsourcing its entire IT infrastructure.

The council has put out a tender seeking to replace its existing core IT infrastructure, namely servers and storage, as it has reached its end of life. Lake Macquarie is also looking to virtualise its IT environment.

The new infrastructure will need to support a number of the council's initiatives for the next three to five years, including upgrades to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint 2010 over the next 18 months.

"The project is seen as an opportunity to not simply replace, but rethink and improve the current approach to delivering IT infrastructure," according to the council's tender document.

The council also wants to add new capabilities, such as remote network access, infrastructure monitoring systems, and disaster recovery.

Lake Macquarie City Council has made it clear that it does not necessarily need to own the new IT infrastructure, and is open to any option that meets the council's business needs, including outsourcing everything. The company that wins the tender must be able to work closely with the council's internal IT team.

The council already outsources its core business applications and related IT infrastructure to a Telstra datacentre in Sydney, with services managed by Capgemini.

Tender application closes on February 12.

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    A upgrade to what they have may work, but there is always the something else that may work and they might agree with.

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  • Where's Lake Macquarie and Why Should We Care?

    Nice report; well-written, concise, brief, to the point. You only forgot one thing: it wasn't until I got to the author's bio block that I had any clue where Lake Macquarie is. Here's a shout out to all authors, reporters, and editors - remember that no matter how important your little piece of dirt may seem, it's only important to other people if they can relate to it. Knowing where someplace is makes your story more relevant. So please, knock off the "one-world" assumptions and tell us where you are. We don't have time to spend looking up random locations on a map. If your report is not relevant, why should we read it?