Microsoft Surface Pro to land Down Under on May 30

Microsoft Surface Pro to land Down Under on May 30

Summary: The long-awaited Surface Pro tablet will be sold through Microsoft online, JB Hi-Fi, and Harvey Norman, with prices starting at AU$999.


Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet will be arriving in Australia later this month, and will be available through JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores.

Consumers can also buy it directly through the Microsoft online store, according to a Microsoft blog post.

The vendor's Surface RT tablet, which is uses an ARM CPU as opposed to an Intel one, was released in Australia late last year. Microsoft Surface Pro is the more powerful tablet geared toward business users. Both 10.8-inch tablets run on the new Windows 8 operating system, but RT runs a pure "Metro" version without access to pre-Windows 8 applications, while Pro uses the full, unrestricted version.

Microsoft Surface Pro is priced at AU$999 for the 64GB model and AU$1,099 for the 128GB version. Customers can purchase a swathe of accessories to complement the tablet, as well.

Other countries that will also receive the Surface Pro by the end of May include the UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, and New Zealand. Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand will get it in late June.

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  • Australia's Mobile Market Percentage Wise is Overwhelmingly Apple

    At least now they can buy a Tablet that has the ability to do REAL work.
  • Too late

    Would have been nice to get this for christmas. Given the hardware and the price, there's no good reason it couldn't have been available then. Better wait for the next version and get it when it arrives, if they care to sell it.