MYOB embraces Windows 8

MYOB embraces Windows 8

Summary: The accounting and retail software vendor has plans for a wide deployment of Windows 8 across the company, according to MYOB CTO Simon Raik-Allen.


Accounting and retail software vendor MYOB is looking forward to rolling out Windows 8 across its business in the near future, and is excited by the opportunities presented by Microsoft's Surface tablet, according to MYOB CTO Simon Raik-Allen.

MYOB CTO Simon Raik-Allen. (Credit: MYOB)

Speaking to ZDNet at MYOB's cloud accounting software AccountRight Live launch last week, Raik-Allen was full of praise for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, which was launched in Australia on Friday.

With a Windows 8 tablet device in one hand, he said that 10-20 percent of desktops in MYOB are already on pre-release versions of the new operating system. MYOB is planning a wider deployment of Windows 8 across the company very soon.

"We definitely like to stay on the leading edge of the curve of technology," Raik-Allen told ZDNet. "When we have 220 people in product development teams across the company, keeping them up to date with the latest and greatest is very important."

Half of the development team that created MYOB's AccountRight Live software was on Windows 8 desktops. AccountRight Live itself is also Windows 8 compatible, although it is not native to the operating system.

Early next year, MYOB will be optimising its AccountRight Live software to make use of Windows 8's grid home page layout, according to Raik-Allen.

MYOB has yet to launch into the mobile device apps space with its suite of commercial software, though it's currently developing an application programming interface (API) to do so. Raik-Allen could not give a date for when that will happen.

Even so, Raik-Allen saw great potential in Microsoft's Surface RT tablet, which was launched last Friday with a lengthy waiting list.

"I am very excited by the Surface — I think the engineering and the design is like no other device that Microsoft has done," he said. "It shows Microsoft is seriously into hardware now."

While Raik-Allen has never held a Surface in his hand, he has been watching demonstrations and reading up on the device. He believes that the Surface has solved a number of problems its competitors, such as the Apple iPad range, are suffering from.

"I think Surface is a proper read-and-write device," Raik-Allen said. "While other devices are good at consuming data and doing a little bit of data entry, but when it comes to things like blogging and authoring documents, Surface is good at that."

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  • Only the completely incompetent ...

    ... starts deploying non-proven / immature software in a corporate environment.

    I'm guessing the IT manager is a newbie who has never actually seen what happens when you start using a product that is immature. Somebody is going to regret jumping into the waters before the sharks (bugs) were cleared out.
    • OK ... just realized I blamed it on the IT guy ....

      This may be just an incompetent CEO forcing something that nobody wants to support.
    • well

      I use windows 8 on my main pc my laptop and work laptop.

      I would have no problems deploying it to users in our domain.
  • Classic ... oh no, no delete button

    I'm guessing the poster above is a newbie who has never actually seen what happens when you start shooting off before reading an article - lol
    • let it be

      ah, he is slightly a moron...
  • makes sense....

    clearly MYOB's CTO is smarter than many commentators on this site. The issues addressed by Windows 8 and Surface within the Enterprise is obvious.
  • MYOB ?

    Really ... the first article I have seen about them in a DECADE and they hoot about deploying Windows 8?
  • Yes, MYOB

    Hi Brent, you'll find ZDNet approached MYOB to be a part of this article, rather than the other way around. Most likely because we’ve introduced plenty of innovations recently, including launching AccountRight Live: