NAB mulls BYOD, trials iPads

NAB mulls BYOD, trials iPads

Summary: The bank is keen to rollout BYOD to its employees, and is trialling the use of iPads in the workplace.


The National Australia Bank (NAB) is looking at allowing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) in the workplace, with trials of iPads by its top executives already underway.

Speaking at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia CIO Series event in Sydney, NAB's executive general manager for enterprise transformation, Adam Bennett, said that the company is keen on implementing BYOD, but admitted that doing so presents some major challenges.

According to Bennet, the problem with BYOD for many organisations around the world is not whether there is technology to support it, but the policies that should be in place for a BYOD program. These issues include how to assign budget for device upgrades, technical support for personal devices on the corporate network, and productivity concerns.

"Ultimately, companies will embrace it," he said. "The challenges associated with it are far more business and technical in nature, but we are looking at [BYOD]."

Bennett said that it has enlisted the help of Telstra and IBM for its BYOD strategy, and is already trialling the use of Apple iPads with its top 200 executives. Special software is used to push data onto those devices where confidential documents are encrypted and is only accessible with the correct password.

Should the user type in the wrong password too many times, data on the iPad will be remotely wiped.

"In the event somebody compromises the iPad, it will burn the data off the device forever — there is very strong security here," Bennett said.

NAB is currently three years into its 10-year IT transformation journey to overhaul its backend infrastructure and frontend functions. While it has talked about near-field communications for quite some time, the bank has not trialled the use of NFC mobile technology for payments since 2007.

According to Bennett, NAB will be making an announcement on the bank's NFC plans next month.

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    Seems like big corps never learn the lesson of vendor lock-in: paint yourself into an attractive-looking corner now, and then a few years down the track you have to spend millions and suffer ongoing pain to lever yourself out again.

    But by then, the existing CEO and CIO will have left with their golden parachutes, and it'll be somebody else's problem...
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  • NAB mulls BYOD, trials iPads

    BYOD at a bank. That's a disaster waiting to happen.
    • NAB mulls BYOD, trials iPads

      For the first time ever, I agree with Loverock-Davidson on this one! Think I'll go buy a lottery ticket!
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