NBN Co opens Gold Coast call centre

NBN Co opens Gold Coast call centre

Summary: NBN Co has officially opened its new NBN contact centre on the Gold Coast.


Despite a recent run-in with the Gold Coast mayor over treatment of NBN Co executives, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has welcomed the opening of NBN Co's Gold Coast-based call centre to take calls on questions about the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The call centre, first announced in April, is located in Varsity Lakes, and will employ up to 130 people to take enquiries from the general public, property developers, and businesses on the government's NBN roll-out.

In a statement, Conroy welcomed the opening of the centre.

"This is another example of the Gillard government's investment in the National Broadband Network creating local jobs and boosting local economies," he said.

Last month, Conroy called for Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate to apologise to delegates from NBN Co who had travelled to the Gold Coast to explain the NBN roll-out in a council meeting. Tate cut NBN Co executive Darren Rudd off after he had only been speaking for 8 minutes, stating that the agenda was "too full" for the day, before reportedly moving on to a motion about National Kindness Day.

Conroy labelled the snub as a "disgraceful performance by an arrogant council," and called for a public apology.

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  • Jobs!

    "Creating" jobs in Qld, now there's a turnaround, eh Newman!
    • Yep, non-productive jobs financed by taxpayers borrowing

      This was tried in Qld (and beyond) before, unsuccessfully. But I'm sure this time it's a winner;-)

      Lifes too short to listen to more than 8 minutes of NBNCo delegates yaking on about nothing.
      Richard Flude
  • Life's too short for politically motivated anti-NBN stupidity ;-)

    Err, yes thanks for the typical non-sensicla blurb...

    And back to the topic, great to see Qld finally employing rathercthan sacking eh?
    • Sadly the real NBN debate frightens and confuses him so it's probably best to go with the 'safe' political and emotional rhetoric in his case.
      Hubert Cumberdale