NBN rollout continues to lag

NBN rollout continues to lag

Summary: New figures published by small National Broadband Network provider Devoted NBN shows that the fibre network has only passed 1,400 more existing premises so far this year.

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NBN Co will need to triple its daily run rate for the remainder of this financial year in order to meet its June target, according to statistics published online by the National Broadband Network (NBN) retailer Devoted NBN.

The figures, first reported by Communications Day, show that since the last reported figures from December 31, 2012 until March 12, 2013, NBN Co has passed an additional 1,411 premises in existing housing areas, bringing the total number of existing households now able to access the NBN to 47,511.

In greenfields, or new housing areas, the number of premises passed is lower than what NBN Co reported last year, 23,272 versus 26,300 reported at the end of December last year. NBN Co said that the figures reported to service providers do not take into account lots where houses have yet to be built.

The government-owned company confirmed the quoted brownfield figures to ZDNet today. The slow start for the year puts pressure on construction companies to ramp up their efforts across the country, as NBN Co has put a target of 286,000 brownfield premises and 55,000 greenfields premises passed by fibre by June 30, 2013.

NBN Co's daily run rate for this financial year is 1028 premises per day in brownfields areas, according to NBN Co's 2012 corporate plan. In order to reach its June target, NBN Co will need to pass approximately 3,456 premises per day for the 69 working days between March 12 and June 30 in order to meet its goal and cover the 238,489 additional brownfields premises.

ZDNet has asked NBN Co whether it plans to revise down its target, but the company had not responded at the time of writing.

Last week, Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull told the parliament that he had heard that NBN Co would not meet its June target, and said that the network could "take in excess of 20 years" to be completed.

He told Sky Agenda yesterday that unlike the policy of his predecessor, Tony Smith, his own broadband policy will be released "many months" before the September 14 election. He said that there will be nothing new in the policy, because he said that he has set out the Coalition's policy in "eye-glazingly technical detail" in previous speeches and articles.

Turnbull has consistently refused to put a price on his policy for a scaled back NBN involving the use of fibre-to-the-node technology. He has said that he would need to see the contracts NBN Co has entered into before any costing can be done. He has also declined to say exactly how long it would take for his network to be completed, but has indicated that it could take up to one-third of the time the NBN is set to roll out.

Topics: NBN, Government AU


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  • One third of the time he makes up? Or one third of the actual?

    Nothing easier than inventing a figure then claiming you can do better than the invention.

    So I wonder?
    • "So I wonder?"

      No need to wonder we all know Turnbull is full of it and has been since day one, this dummy knows that his substandard FttN patchwork plan will take just as long to implement and cost just as much as the proper NBN plan so what better way to silence the critics than inventing figures and then claiming a victory. That is the coaltion clown way it seems... I look forward to the "eye-glazingly technical detail" too as I am someone who truly appreciates a good laugh.
      Hubert Cumberdale
      • Electioneering?

        Your opinion is irrelevant.

        Grow up
        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klG9G4BDLtA
          Hubert Cumberdale
  • A lot like turbo lag

    Just because the numbers aren't on the board yet doesn't mean the work isn't being done. As I'm sure you know Josh it takes a lot of background work to get a "premises connected" than just rolling a bit of fibre down a steet, they have to have the network to connect the houses to. And as Quigley said, “the rollout is not a linear progression, but a rapid ramp-up. We are targeting to pass more premises in the final quarter of the financial year than we will have passed in the entire project up to the beginning of that quarter,” so this is not exactly surprising.
    • Except

      If you are going to stand in front of public and announce what you will do and when you will do it the public has the right to expect it to happen.

      Another example of this government failing to deliver.
      • Ah....

        Electioneering again, that's the spirit, pawn!
        • Hi RS, what's that brown stuff?

          You had your head up your own arse again?
          • Sorry RS my bad

            That would Hubert's
          • Yes, yes...

            Blah, blah...

      • except except

        If you paid attention to any of those public announcements instead of just the Liberal and News Limited FUD on the matter, you'd know they are delivering.
        • Are they Karl?

          So when will you get it?
          • Kiddie's Playtime.

            Yippee! Mummy's letting me play on her PC again...
          • me me me?

            By 2021, as they promised. They don't promise individual dates for each person in the country, you know?
  • just my two cents

    I live in Aspley where the NBN is already connected in a lot of streets.....and believe me, there are tons of streets like mine that have been cabled but not quite switched on yet, so I am betting like Karl above states, that it isn't as easy as just rolling a bit of fibre down the street. I think people will be impressed with the numbers by June. And Turnbull, you're a smart man, and have been involved in some impressive tech startups, and you know FTTN is not going to work and will be a waste of money.
    • In my town

      it took a couple of months from when the cable was laid in the street until it was available for homeowners to contact an ISP and connect to the NBN. I don't know that reasons but it probably won't be much longer for you to wait :-)
  • One third of the time...

    and one third as useful, thanks but no thanks Mr. Turnbull.
  • Quarterly figures, anyone?

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to wait at least until the end of the quarter when NBNCo will publish the next set of rollout progress figures? The January-March quarter is a difficult one because so much of industry is dormant during part or all of January. The real proof will be in seeing what can be achieved by 30th June. If NBNCo can achieve their target rates by then there is a good chance that they will achieve their schedule. If they can't, then they better have a Plan B for achieving a faster rollout.
  • Disregard the

    pro and negative comments about the NBN design, political views. This rollout is a project, with schedules and milestones. If those milestones are being consistently missed, clearly that is a problem . It is very reasonable to expect the NBN management will investigate, remove the causes and inform the public.
    Knowledge Expert
    • In Fact

      We are very much in the early stages of the rollout, much of the work in fact has been the systems and core infrastructure.
      So far pretty much on schedule. Problems are always to be expected, that is normal. This is a massive undertaking, over a million kilometers of fibre to be laid (factories have been built to manufacture that) with all the support infrastructure and pits and ducts to be remediated.

      Plus we have the Telstra bundled plans (they have the biggest and best mobile network) and require rental of a landline in their NBN offerings discouraging take up. Plus as brought up by a poster on CRN from Toowoomba, their CBD and Business area has the NBN available even though residential has very limited availability, but Telstra is not offering the NBN to their Business customers even though many are crying out for it, only the limited number of residential, one can only assume this is common practice, denying business the opportunity, keeping take up rates down to benefit the coalitions claims. After all the coalition will be their Alan Bond
      Abel Adamski